Robert Kiyosaki drops into my office

Robert KiyosakiThis week I was thrilled to interview best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki. He dropped into the Sydney Writers’ Centre and we chatted about his new book Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich – And Why Most Don’t, which he co-authored with Donald Trump. Robert has built an entire empire on his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books so it was great to be able to chat to him about his writing and book marketing strategies. You can view the video here.

I’ve been reading Robert’s books for years and have always been impressed by the way he is able to turn sometimes complex or dry topics into compelling stories. Since he self-published his first book more than 10 years ago, he has built a worldwide empire in financial education. All on the back of his very first story about his two dads: a Rich Dad, and a Poor Dad. Those of you who have read his books will know that these two Dads taught him the difference between working for yourself and saving your pennies, to investing and building wealth.

Rich Dad Poor Dad ranks as the longest running bestseller on all four of the lists that report to Publishers Weekly — The New York Times, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today — and has held a top spot on the famed New York Times list for over six years and counting. Translated into 51 languages and available in 109 countries, the Rich Dad series has sold over 27 million copies worldwide and has dominated bestseller lists across the US, Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico, and Europe. In 2005, Robert was inducted into the Hall of Fame as one of that bookseller’s top 25 authors.

Robert and I spoke about the important of storytelling in business. It’s a topic that I’m very passionate about because I think that there are some amazing stories in the world of business – but they are often buried underneath too much technical jargon and empirical data.

He told me: “If you look at the richest guys on Earth, or the most powerful, they were storytellers … Stories are the ways humans learn, it’s been passed down through centuries. From cavemen sitting around the fire, they told history via stories.”

This one of the reasons I’m so excited about my seminar “How to write a business book”. The next one is being held in Melbourne:

Date: Friday 7 October
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