BNET Video “The Venture” : Social Networking for Business

The Venture - Social Networking for BusinessIt’s a brave new cyber world out there and businesses should be active in it, engaging with their customers, and growing their brand. But before you throw up a Facebook page or start tweeting your voice to the world, what should you know and what’s the best way to proceed?

Preparation is key

One of the first things you need to know is who you’re trying to reach and why. Do you want sheer numbers of followers or rather, people who will matter to the growth of your business? And which platform is right for you? Facebook is perfect for brand reinforcement, while Twitter suits those with a great deal to say. Working this out ahead of time will affect how well you do.

Once you take the plunge, make sure that your voice on these platforms is consistent, which is something that a well thought out communications strategy will help you achieve. It’s also important to be current, responsive, and if appropriate, add some personality into your social media engagement.

You are visible

The important thing to remember is that once you’re out there, you are visible, and you must be ready with a top-notch product, excellent customer service, and a clear strategy. Anything less, and social networking will work against you, and not for you.

With such an enticing world of immediate customer interaction waiting for you with social networking, it is worth the time and effort to get it right and make your presence felt in all the right ways.

In this discussion hosted by Suzi Dafnis (Community Director, Australian Businesswomen’s Network) with guests Phil Dobbie (Sydney-based author, journalist and broadcaster), and Robert Gerrish (Business coach and consultant, Flying Solo), learn how to craft a winning social networking strategy.

The Venture - Social networking for your business



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