How to turn your passion into profit

Passion into Profit FEATUREA passion for what you do is a powerful thing. I saw it on display again and again as I took in all the amazing speakers at South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Texas who truly love what they do. It reminded me that passion is an essential ingredient when you’re running your own business and it inspired this week’s post on Enterprise.

A childhood passion for “all things nice” had turned into a successful business for Bianca Kristallis, founder of Pamper Hamper, an online luxury gift hamper service that delivers nationally. Pamper Hamper delivers gifts in its signature white box with distinctive black and white ribbon trim. And it’s borne from Kristallis’s obsession with wrapping.

All wrapped up
“I have always loved all things gorgeous, pretty and luxurious,” says Kristallis, 34. “And was obsessed by all things nice. I always remember watching my mother wrapping presents and used to pretend to copy her and wrap up my toys sand tie bows around them just for them. My favourite time of year was Christmas when I would beg my mum if I could wrap all the family’s presents and make them look special. I have fond memories of this and I was always the one to critique if someone gave me a horribly presented gift, even at a young age.

“I’m also a huge collector of gift boxes and pretty ribbons. I can never throw them out and always make an excuse to stash my little treasures in them. There is always an excuse to keep a gorgeous box. This is why I want the Pamper Hamper Gift box to become a keepsake box and for my customers to hang on to them.”

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