How an app can turn your business around

Well the big news this week is that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. I mean, how cool is that? A cool billion for an app where you can take countless photos of your cat, apply some gorgeous filters and share them through social media. This inspired this week’s Enterprise blog post where I’ve interviewed three Australian businesses that have created their own apps.

We’ve now all heard about how Facebook just paid $1 billion for photo-sharing app Instagram. No doubt, there are now entrepreneurs all over the world briefing a legion of developers with an app idea they hope will become the Next Big Thing. Or at least Facebook’s Next Big $1 Billion Acquisition.

However, you don’t necessarily need Facebook to buy your app in order to make money from it. These Australian businesses have developed apps to enhance their current offerings and, in some cases, generated previously untapped revenue streams.

Leverage existing resources
Evolvex is a furniture design and manufacturing company. It has put the design of its furniture into the hands of its customers via an app called Evolvex Designer. The app allows people to design flat pack furniture online by dragging and dropping modular furniture parts to create the exact piece they want. Once the piece is designed, the furniture is made in the factory, flat-packed and shipped to the customer’s door with personalised instructions.

Marketing manager Priyanka Rao says: “The idea of the application was inspired from a frustrating shopping trip where we couldn’t find furniture we liked and would have much rather purchased this online.”

You can read the full Enterprise article here.


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