Should you back up your social media activity?

I am huge fan of social media. I love the way it can connect you to people you would otherwise never meet, and exposes you to new and intriguing ideas, and of course, it is an essential tool for running my business. The thought of it all disappearing into the ether never to be seen again is too awful to contemplate, and so this week’s Enterprise is all about ways you can make sure that is a scenario you never have to face.

Picture this. You’ve created a Facebook page for your business, you’re building a following and they are very engaged. They promote your business on their “walls” and “like” your posts. Or maybe you’ve developed a strong community on Twitter and this is driving traffic to your website and converting prospects into sales.

Then the unthinkable happens.

Your page gets shut down. A bug wipes all your followers and deletes those you are following. You’ve lost all this valuable data and you’re going to have a tough time getting it back. Or it will take a long time to rebuild the community that you’ve taken years to build.

Or perhaps you don’t suffer from something so dramatic. Maybe, for legal reasons, you need to find a Twitter exchange between you and another person from way back in 2008. Or you just want to find a photo that you Tweeted five months ago. And what about all those snaps you’ve loaded on to Instagram? Is there a quick and easy way to suck them all out so you can use them elsewhere? Do you have a decent backup system for your social media?

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About Valerie Khoo

Valerie Khoo is founder and national director of the Australian Writers' Centre, the country's leading centre for writing courses. She is a journalist, blogger and author. Her latest book is "Power Stories: The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business" (Wiley). Valerie is a keynote speaker, small business commentator, and investor and mentor to startups and businesses in Australia.