How to use content marketing to promote your business

How to use content marketing to promote your business POST

I love how the blogging world can bring people together. I first got to know Trevor Young when I started reading his popular blog The PR Warrior years ago. I eventually met Trevor at a dinner in Melbourne organised by another blogger, Steve Sammartino (Startup blog).

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Trevor Young


Without a doubt, Trevor is one of the top PR bloggers in Australia and his posts are either jam-packed with information or offer you a thought-provoking insight on a particular issue. He thinks outside the box and obviously studies the trends that are happening in the world of PR and social media. So I go to Trevor for my regular dose of what’s going on in the world of marketing, PR and communication.

So I was thrilled when Trevor asked to interview me on the content marketing we do at the Sydney Writers’ Centre. You can view the video by clicking on the image below (it goes for about 15 minutes).

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Why content marketing is vital to your business
I’ve long been an advocate of content marketing. I’ll admit: when I first started doing it, I didn’t even know it was called “content marketing”. I simply thought we were sharing useful articles, blog posts, “how tos” and interviews with interesting authors with our community.

It turned out that this sharing of information made us the “go to” resource for all things writing. To this day, people contact us when they want to resolve a grammar/punctuation dispute at work; they call us to help them decide which course they should take to fulfil their writing goals; and they get in touch with us to comment in the media on anything from changes in the publishing industry to what the best kids’ books are.

Content marketing takes time. You can’t just slap together some dot points, whack that on your blog and call that effective content marketing. You actually need to provide useful information for people. But it’s worth it. It’s that regular stream of useful information which positions you as an expert and helps prospects and customers come to know, like and trust you.

The rise of the Micro Maven
Things brings me to a new term, which Trevor has coined: The Micro Maven.
When you are consistent with your content marketing, you end up building a loyal community of followers. This may not be a physical community – it might exist solely online. It’s consistent with the idea of a nano-celebrity. I wrote a blog post about it here.

In the past, there were high profile people – and then there were the rest of us. But thanks to the power of technology and the internet, the rules of the game have been changed forever. You can become an expert in your niche with, among other things, the right content marketing. Trevor has write an excellent manifesto called The Micro Maven Manifesto: An introduction to the global micro brand revolution. You can download your free ebook here. Enjoy!


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