My life in a minute: 17 August 2012

My life in a minute 17 Aug 2012 POST


Do you have one of those friends who is so enamoured with their baby that they post countless photos of the dear child on Facebook every second minute of the day? You don’t want to block or unfriend them. That would be rude. You just want a little break from the endless stream of bubba photos cluttering your feed.

Well, is the answer to all your prayers. When you use, it replaces all the baby photos in your Facebook feed with cats!

If you don’t like cats, don’t worry. You can replace the baby images with anything you want. Like images of Jon Bon Jovi. I tried it. Hilarious.

It only works on your Chrome browser and uses keywords (which you can change too). So if you have a friend who regular posts “OMG look at what Jack did today!”, add that to the keywords and every time it appears, it will be replaced with a picture of a cat. Or Jon Bon Jovi. MEDIUM


Reading: Eden Riley’s post “Who are the people in your neighbourhood?”
Eden’s recent post was written on her trip to New York for BlogHer12 (for the uninitiated, it’s a mammoth blogging conference with 5000 women – yeah, possibly empowering and noisy at the same time). It’s a profound and moving account of the people she met during her stay. But it wasn’t about star-spotting in Central Park or hanging out at 30Rock. This brief but powerful post was about the homeless guy on the street, the maid who cleaned her room, the woman begging in downtown Manhattan and the guy who scavenges for rubbish in order to survive.

Eden was the national winner of our Best Australian Blogs Competition for 2012. She has a lyrical way with words that can cut right to the core.


Eden Riley with homeless person MEDIUM

Eden Riley poses with Mary and her niece whom she found begging on the streets of Manhattan (image via


Excited by: our student successes
I opened this month’s marie claire to find three stories written by Sydney Writers’ Centre alumni Kelly Exeter and Cassy Small (who was fortunate to have two articles published).


Cassy Small article MEDIUM

One of two article Cassy Small had published in this month's Marie Claire magazine


Kelly Exeter MEDIUM

Kelly Exeter's article in this month's Marie Claire magazine


No sooner had I done that when I turned the pages of Good Weekend to find a wonderful “2 of Us” by alumnus Stephanie Hunt. Congratulations to all and I’m so thrilled for you.


Stephanie Hunt The 2 of Us MEDIUM

Stephanie Hunt's "The 2 of Us" article in last weekend's Good Weekend


Can’t wait for: Les Miserables starring Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe
I’m a musical theatre tragic so I can’t wait for Les Mis to hit the big screens. Hugh Jackman plays Jean Valjean, Anne Hathway is Fantine, Amanda Seyfried is Cosette and Russel Crowe plays Javert. While I doubt that anyone in the world can portray a better Javert than the amazing Philip Quast, if the trailer is anything to go by, I’m going to love the movie.



Watching: So do you want to join PwC Singapore?
For a video with a very different feel, the team at professional services firm PwC in Singapore created this recruitment video which immediately went viral on social media. It’s … ummm … interesting.



So … what do you think of the video? Would it entice you to join?

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  • Diet Schmiet

    I love the ‘Unbaby me’ notion. As someone who hasn’t been fortunate enough to have a family (and whose wound is still pretty raw) I find it hard to constantly read others’ good news and kids’ exploits… but also understand their joy is much-deserved! Hiding it without them knowing would be ideal!

    And I’d love to do the SWC Magazine Writing course and must enrol one of these days when I’m feeling wealthier!

    • valeriekhoo

      And replacing the pics with Jon Bon Jovi is even better!