My life in a minute: Mid-week indulgence and how I got my book deal

Life in a Minute 14 Sept 2012 POST


Loving: A mid-week indulgence
You know those fabulous spa weekends you go on with your girlfriends? The ones where you have gossip sessions, champagne sessions and mani/pedi sessions at a fantastic world-class retreat? The ones where you emerge recharged, relaxed and renewed with so much energy that you feel like you can conquer the world? Yeah, well, I never go on those.

So this week I decided to take matters into my own hands. On Wednesday, I checked into the Hilton on the Park in Melbourne and decided that it was time to go on my own mini-retreat. Even if it was only for one night!

I have to say, there’s something about getting away from home where you don’t have to see the pile of laundry that needs to be done, the kitty litter that needs to be cleaned or the pile of paperwork that you’ve been meaning to get to. You can hang out in a pristine hotel room, draw a long bubble bath, sample the complimentary choccies, and slip into a perfectly turned-down bed knowing that you don’t have to make it the next day. And yes, I even snuck in a 90-minute massage and facial.

Don’t wait for a mythical spa retreat to transpire when you can finally coordinate some dates with your girlfriends. Instead: the mid-week indulgence. Alone. I’m thinking it might catch on.


Okay so I don't actually possess the photographic skills to take this pic myself. But this is what my room looked like. Before I messed it up.


Clipping: The article on the Sydney Writers’ Centre in the Mosman Daily last week. Google recently released it’s its research that North Sydney is one of Australia’s top 10 eTowns and we were featured as a local business that has embraced the online world.


Ummm … they used an old photo they had on file … that's actually me two years ago.


Writing: I’ve finished writing my report “Book Deal: The Making of Power Stories”. I call it a report, but it’s so long it’s practically a full blown book. And I’m really excited about it. This is because it’s a behind the scenes peek into how I got my book deal. It reveals EVERY step in the process of the making of my new book Power Stories: The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business.

I’ve put a huge amount of effort into this report and it details so much information, including discussions with my publishers, the covers that got rejected (and why) and the innovative methods we used to determine the title, subtitle and covers.

This report is a FREE BONUS if you pre-order my book Power Stories: The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business now. In fact, it’s just one of many valuable bonuses. You can find out about all the BONUSES here.


Power Stories Life in a Minute MEDIUM



Dining: Cafe Niche in Richmond, Melbourne
I met my friend Katie for a casual bite to eat so we could discuss branding, strategy and general world domination. Check this out … this is so simple but it’s most delicious meal: mashed avocado, goats’ cheese, blood oranges, lemon juice and chilli on 7-seed bread. Yum!


My new favourite meal.


To top it all off, there was a pop-up boutique in the cafe. As dedicated multi-taskers, Katie and I lunched and shopped for our new summer wardrobes in one fell swoop – so we felt incredibly productive. Of course, we had to celebrate our success …


Shopping and bubbles Life in a Minute MEDIUM

I may never go on spa retreats, but I'm not short on retail therapy.


Giggling: Those poor keys
I couldn’t resist sharing this sign I spotted yesterday. As you know, I sometimes appoint myself the apostrophe police. And I must declare that whoever wrote this sign should be arrested. Inserting the apostrophe before the S changes the meaning of this sign completely!




If you need some guidance on apostrophes, check out our handy reference here.

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  • Kerri Sackville

    You are funny. And amazeballs.

    • valeriekhoo

      Ummm … you’re funnier. And people: if you haven’t seen Kerri’s new video yet: Check it out!

  • Naomi Ellis

    I had no idea you even had this site! Looking forward to reading more. Love that you have a book Valerie. You are one inspiring lady x

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      Thanks for stopping by Naomi. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Mark Perry

    Nice… but you have an apostrophe in the wrong place in paragraph 5 :)

    • valeriekhoo

      Eeek! You are absolutely right. Great case of pot calling the kettle black huh? I’ve fixed. Thanks!