The business of educating others

The business of educating others POST


When I first met Adam Brimo, he had just made headlines after starting cheeky consumer advocacy site Vodafail which allowed customers to vent their frustrations about the telco. These days, he’s the co-founder of a startup focused on the education market. And his passion for the business – and its potential to change the world – is palpable. This inspired this week’s Enterprise post.

Education can change the world. And that’s what young entrepreneur Adam Brimo, who turns 25 next month, is banking on with his start-up service allows people from all over the world to teach courses online. Brimo hopes that those who have a passion for their particular area of expertise will be keen to share their knowledge. He anticipates that many people will want to charge for their courses, and they will in turn be charged for using the service. However, he also hopes that a sizeable number will also want to share their expertise for free, and those people won’t be billed for using OpenLearning.

“Education is one of the most fundamental ways you can help someone,” says Brimo. “I’ve always felt a responsibility to give back. I used to think that you have to make a lot of money first in order to give back, but then I realised that I didn’t have to wait for that. OpenLearning brings together everything that I’ve always wanted to do. It has really positive social benefits, as well as a strong business case.”

Inspiration through education
It’s a business that was inspired by Brimo’s former university lecturer Richard Buckland, who had a passion for sharing knowledge freely and openly. Buckland uploaded his lectures of computing to Youtube and the lessons have now been viewed by over two million people from all over the world.
OpenLearning’s main competitors are the learning management systems Moodle and Blackboard. However, Brimo and Buckland, along with co-founder Theo Julienne, hope to make a significant dent in the education market.

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