It’s party time for schoolies entrepreneur

Enterprise 25 Oct 2012 POST


Want to make $6 million in three weeks? Here’s how.

There are three crucial weeks on which entrepreneur Jot Lynas’s business is built. Welcome to the world of “schoolies”. There are big dollars – but that also comes with big responsibility. That inspired this week’s Enterprise post.

Three weeks. Six million dollars. And one really big party. That’s the model behind the business of Jot Lynas, co-founder of Unleashed Travel, which specialises in overseas destinations aimed at ‘schoolies’. The three weeks when ‘schoolies’ generally travel, which this year falls between November 24 and December 17, can make or break Lynas’s business. And it’s these three weeks that 30-year-old Lynas and his team work towards all year.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the term ‘schoolies’ refers to the tens of thousands of school leavers who let loose and party hard after studying for and sitting their final year exams. While they typically converge on the Gold Coast and other beachside areas of Australia, Lynas’s business offers supervised resort programs in Fiji, Vanuatu and Bali.

The birth of an idea
It’s a business idea that he (and fellow co-founders Steve Pirie, 29, and Bryan Scott, 40, both based in New Zealand) conceived in 2008. At the time, Lynas was working as national sales and marketing manager at Topdeck, a travel company that focuses on “18 to 30 somethings”.

“Working at Topdeck, I had a lot of relationships with travel agents,” says Lynas, who is based in Sydney. “They were crying out for a product.”

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