Turning a blog into a business

Turning a blog into a business POST

L-R: Valerie Khoo, Allison Tait, Kerri Sackville at the Problogger Training Event in Melbourne

I had an energising couple of days attending – and speaking at – the Problogger Training Event in Melbourne recently. It was fantastic to connect with other bloggers, wonderful graduates of the Sydney Writers’ Centre and spend time with our fabulous presenters who also attended the event: Kerri Sackville, Allison Tait, Catriona Pollard and Kim Berry.

A key theme that emerged from this conference is that blogging is well and truly moving out of the realms of being a hobby … to being a business. This inspired this week’s Enterprise post.

Blogging. Monetising. Branding. These were three words that dominated last week’s Problogger Training Event, a national conference for bloggers held at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium. These are people who live their lives online – sharing everything from craft patterns and cartoons to stories about their children, sport or business.

One thing’s for sure, blogging is no longer just a part-time hobby for oversharers. It’s an industry. And at the heart of this industry is the man who is indisputably one of the most influential bloggers in the world. Certainly, the most influential in Australia.

Darren Rowse started blogging in 2002 and began making a full-time income from it in 2005. While he has been involved in blogs focusing on a diverse range of topics over the years, his main blogs are now Problogger (321,000 readers) and Digital Photography School (around 986,000 readers). He earns money from blogging through advertising, affiliate links and selling products such as ebooks. When Rowse released his ebook 31 Days to a Better Blog in 2009, he says it generated more than $70,000 in eight days. The conference, now in its third year, is Rowse’s initiative.

While Rowse is clearly an outlier (you certainly don’t come across people with his level of blogging success every day), others are following in his footsteps, albeit on a smaller scale.

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