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You gotta love someone who is prepared to put themselves out there. That’s why I like this YouTube video so much. Mike Larsen is normally a pretty straight-laced, serious corporate guy who recently jumped ship to found his own startup, InsideTrak.com.au. In order to spread the word about his new business, he’s done his very own Ricky Gervais impression in this online video.



His antics – which included taking out an advertisement on his competitor’s website – inspired this week’s Enterprise post.

It takes a lot of guts to advertise your services on your competitor’s website. But that’s exactly what Mike Larsen did last week when he placed an ad for “Australia’s worst employee” on jobs site seek.com.au.

Larsen is the CEO of Insidetrak.com.au, a jobs site he launched in September that features reviews of employers from past and current employees. His ad for “Australia’s worst employee” also featured a link to a cheeky YouTube video featuring fictional character Derek Wadsworth, reminiscent of the slimy manager David Brent in TV series The Office.

Instead of enlisting the likes of comedian Ricky Gervais, it’s actually Larsen who flexes his acting muscles to star in the video. (And he does a pretty good job.)

It’s just one of the guerrilla marketing tactics that Larsen has used to spread the word about Insidetrak.com.au. The site operates in a similar way to restaurant review sites or travel review portals such as Tripadvisor.com.

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