Podcast: My “Power Stories” chat with Timbo Reid (“Small Business, Big Marketing”)


You may remember that a few months ago I did a crazy thing. I drove from Melbourne to Sydney (that’s not the crazy bit) with my three furry babies in the car (that’s not the crazy bit either). Apart from my two fluffy white cats and one fluffy white dog, the only other thing accompanying me on that v-e-ee-e-r-r-ry l-o-o-o-o-o-o-g trip was 11 hours of Tim Reid’s fabulous “Small Business, Big Marketing” podcast.

Yes, my iPod did not have a single song on it. But I had many hours of Tim Reid (more famously known as Timbo Reid) in my ears. He kept me sane on that long journey. Well, initially. After 11 hours … well, I was going a little bit nuts.

So I was thrilled to be asked to be on his podcast. Tim’s a great interviewer and it was a lot of fun. If you’re interested in listening to it, you can find it here. And you don’t even have to drive for 11 hours to listen to it.

About Valerie Khoo

Valerie Khoo is founder and national director of the Australian Writers' Centre, the country's leading centre for writing courses. She is a journalist, blogger and author. Her latest book is "Power Stories: The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business" (Wiley). Valerie is a keynote speaker, small business commentator, and investor and mentor to startups and businesses in Australia.
  • http://www.facebook.com/vanessa.jeny Vanessa Jeny

    Hi Valerie, I listened to your interview with Tim, and your interview with Pete Williams too. Both very insigthful. After this interview with Tim I ordered your book straight away and e-mailed him twice wiith my order to claim the advertised bonuses. Unfortunately I have never received a reply from Tim so Im contacting you instead. It was a while ago, but I would like to receive the bonuses, which sounded fantastic. I looked everywhere for an e-mail to send a private message to you about this but I can’t find one for you either. Thanks in advance Valerie!

    • valeriekhoo

      Hi Vanessa. No problem. Just email us at order [at] powerstoriesbook [dot] com and one of my team will sort this out asap. Thanks! :)

      • http://www.facebook.com/vanessa.jeny Vanessa Jeny

        Thanks so much Valerie, and for being so quick. Will do so straight away. :-)