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Enterprise 13 December 2012 POST


As you know, I love hearing about (and telling) stories about the challenges and triumphs faced by entrepreneurs. Whether you’re starting a business from your shed, or trying to conquer the universe with a team of 200 people, I find it fascinating to hear about these journeys. This week, I chatted to Eddie Machaalani and Mitch Harper, who first met in an internet chat room before launching their business Bigcommerce. They inspired this week’s post on Enterprise.

A chance meeting in an online chat room may lead to what Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper both hope will one day become a billion dollar company. The pair are co-founders and co-CEOs of Bigcommerce, an online platform that helps small businesses create online stores.

It was 2002 when Machaalani and Harper met in a chat room about computer programming. Ten years later they are business partners of an organisation that powers nearly 30,000 online stores and has processed more than $1.2 billion worth of sales in its first two-and-a-half years.

For Machaalani, 34 and Harper, 30, the chat room meeting was serendipitous. Discovering they had common interests and similar desires to be their own boss, the pair founded Interspire in 2003. It offered different products for small businesses to create an online presence. According to Machaalani, they were able to double their revenue every year. By 2009, they had 15 staff.

But this success came at a price. Both co-founders were working 14 to 15-hour days, often seven days a week. They achieved this growth not only through sheer hard work but also by bootstrapping the business. However, they knew they wanted to grow bigger. Much bigger.

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