Valerie Khoo

I'm a Sydney-based abstract artist.

Storytelling in pictures

I am fuelled by a passion for storytelling. Compelling stories drive each artwork infusing movement, texture, and imagery on the canvas.

For individuals, I create bespoke artwork designed to inspire, empower and connect with your creative soul.

Each piece is underpinned by an inspiring story or intention so that the artwork serves as a daily reminder of a positive goal or vision in your life.


For bespoke commissions, I undertake comprehensive research and create artwork that incorporates aspects of the individual/organisation and their journey into the future.

For original artwork emerging from my raw artistic process, I often draw on my background as a writer. My current series ‘Flying Apostrophes’ exemplifies this.

I’m also inspired by water and I love capturing it’s movement, energy and power – highlighted in my ‘Pure Shores’ series.

Commercial commissions

I’m passionate about creating artwork for commercial premises. I work closely with interior designers, business owners and founders to develop custom pieces that imbue the vision and ambitions of the business.

Media enquiry?

For interviews, images or prompt responses/comments, please get in touch.

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