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This is the personal blog of Valerie Khoo – artist, author and podcaster. Valerie is passionate about exploring the worlds of creativity and business. She is co-host of the popular podcasts ‘So you want to be a writer’ and ‘So you want to be a photographer’. Valerie is a mentor to artists, writers and business owners on how they can turn their passions into thriving professional practices. She is author of ‘Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business’. Valerie is also CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre, one of the world’s leading centres for writing courses.

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  2. Lara Solomon

    WOOOHOOO, love the idea, congrats xxx

    1. valeriekhoo

      Thanks Lara. It’s a lot of work – but lots of fun so far 🙂

  3. JohannaBD

    This sounds fantastic Valerie! Congratulations

    1. valeriekhoo

      Thanks Jo. I just love the blogging community so it made a lot of sense to me!

  4. Miriam

    Great concept, Valerie. Good luck and I’ll definitely check it out!

    1. valeriekhoo

      I hope you like it Miriam!

  5. Annalie Killian

    Your ears must have been burning….just this week I wrote a note to self to make an appointment with you for a callout to you and your Sydney Writing School students to invite you to play as soon as I am back from a week in the snow. Will send invite!

    1. valeriekhoo

      Thanks Annalie. Hope you have fun at the snow!

  6. Ambra Sancin

    What a great idea – connecting like-minded social mediaists! Good luck Valerie.

    1. valeriekhoo

      Thanks Ambra. We’ve had soooo many signups in the last few days it’s been great. Thanks for your good wishes 🙂

  7. Caatherine

    What a fantastic concept – congratulations Valerie!

    1. valeriekhoo

      Thanks so much. I love concept so am looking forward to seeing how it develops!

    1. valeriekhoo

      Thanks Michael. Sooooo much to do!

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