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This is the personal blog of Valerie Khoo – artist, author and podcaster. Valerie is passionate about exploring the worlds of creativity and business. She is co-host of the popular podcasts ‘So you want to be a writer’ and ‘So you want to be a photographer’. Valerie is a mentor to artists, writers and business owners on how they can turn their passions into thriving professional practices. She is author of ‘Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business’. Valerie is also CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre, one of the world’s leading centres for writing courses.

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  1. Pamela Murray-Jones

    A timely reminder Valerie. We sometimes hold on too long to things that no longer serve us well. Letting go of those things makes us stronger and more resilient – and as you pointed out, frees up our creativity.

    1. Valerie Khoo

      Yes the creativity rush is awesome. And simply opening yourself up to new opportunities that simply wouldn’t have found their way into your life.

  2. Kate Hennessy

    Great column. I imagine it’s much like getting rid of sentimental household objects, or friends you don’t share a productive relationship with anymore: do it when the mood strikes you! Because I find indecision can creep in again afterwards. Not quite sure how one breaks up with friends though … though on that note:

    1. Valerie Khoo

      Hey, as an aside, interesting book Kate. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

  3. Peter Miller

    After reading Tim Ferris’ ‘4 hour work week’ I adopted the personal mantra ‘slim & trim’. I had this saying on dymo labels everywhere – the car, the loo, the pantry, the office, my bike. Anyway, it worked … and is still working well. Basically, these few words meant de-clutter / simplify / eliminate – and be all the better for it.

    1. Valerie Khoo

      Wow, that’s committed. Never used Dymo for that before! Love the sentiment behind it. And you know what? Sometimes we do need reminding like that. It’s so easy to slip back into old ways …

      1. Peter Miller

        I loved how rock stars like Bowie & Madonna re-invented themselves to stay fresh. We can all do the same with our habits that dont serve us anymore. The labels are an unobtrusive reminder of this path to re-invention.

  4. Melissa Robson

    Great message! I ‘dumped’ a very difficult and demanding client a couple of months ago who took up way to much of my time, upset my staff and somehow bullied me into charging her less and less with each invoice but still deliver exactly the same service. Was incredibly liberating! I think I need to apply this lesson to a few other things in my business! Good luck with your cleansing.

    1. Valerie Khoo

      Best feeling ever. Congratulations!

  5. Cate Richards

    A great column Valerie, I especially love the way you recognised the need to create space in your life. What an exciting time for you, looking in to new projects, all the best!

    1. Valerie Khoo

      It’s a great feeling Cate 🙂

  6. Joe Primativ

    Hi Valerie, I just ordered your book, it better make me rich or that last kickboxing workout you did will seem like a holiday in comparison with what I will put you through 🙂

    1. Valerie Khoo

      Haha. If I was back in Sydney full-time, I’d be back in your class! Enjoy the book 🙂