Honoured to be named as one of “Australia’s 20 Best Business Blogs” by SmartCompany

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This week, I was honoured and humbled to be included in SmartCompany’s annual list of Australia’s 20 Best Business Blogs. This is along with heavyweights like Digital Pulse from pwc, Deloitte Digital’s blog, and Salesforce’s blog.

And also insightful bloggers like Tristan White’s excellent blog on Culture, Suzi Dafnis’s wonderful blog for the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, Darren Rowse’s pioneering Problogger, and Paul Wallbank’s tech blog Decoding the New Economy.

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As an entrepreneur, how much should you reveal on your blog?

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I’m fascinated by the world of blogging. Whether you blog about parenting, life, toy trains or business, the blogosphere is a wonderful way to connect with people in your community and beyond.

Many entrepreneurial bloggers use it as a marketing tool – a way to connect with customers through smart and helpful content marketing. Their posts position them as experts in their field; their articles become must-read content. As a result, they gain a loyal following.

But how much is too much?
Some other entrepreneurs use their blog more as a way to track their entrepreneurial journey. They chronicle the highs, lows and lessons along the way. But how much is too much?

The world of blogging is all about authenticity. And some business bloggers are comfortable about talking about their failures. There is nothing wrong with this at all. However, I have been following a particular founder’s blog for the past year. And, I have to admit, it’s compelling reading. But for all the wrong reasons.

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The Changing Face of PR: The Rise and Rise of Blogger Relations

The Changing Face of PR The Rise and Rise of Blogger Relations HERO

L–R: Networx Brisbane MC Cat Matson; and my fellow panellists Natalie Birt, yours truly and my co-founder in SocialCallout.com Michelle Palmer (© James Sybille, Square-I.co Photography http://square-i.co/

Last week, I was on a panel at a Networx Brisbane on “The Changing Face of PR: The Rise and Rise of Blogger Relations”. I’ve been heavily immersed in the blogosphere for years now and it’s been fascinating seeing this industry evolve, particularly over the past couple of years.

The reality is that it’s evolving very quickly and some bloggers are becoming powerful media channels in their own right. Some are only at the start of this journey, while others have created businesses for themselves out of their blog. So it wasn’t surprising that the organiser of the event, Iceberg Events, had to turn people away as the function booked out!

I could talk about blogging all day!

We also filmed this video on the tips you should consider when working with bloggers:


The video was prepared by Ride Free Media

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Turning a blog into a business

Turning a blog into a business FEATURE
Blogging is no longer just a part-time hobby for over-sharers - it is now big business ... and getting bigger all the time.

How to use content marketing to promote your business

How to use content marketing to promote your business FEATURE
Want to become an expert in your business niche? Content marketing is one of the best ways in the new digital economy to promote your business, says Trevor Young in his new book "The Micro Maven Manifesto: An introduction to the global micro brand revolution".

Announcing: My new business … SocialCallout.com

social callout announcement FEATURE
I am thrilled to announce my involvement in a new venture called Social Callout, connecting bloggers, and businesses and brands, that want to connect with them.

I wanted to become a mummy blogger – then I remembered I don’t have kids

mummybloggers FEATURE 2
It's true - mummy bloggers are on the rise and deservedly so. But you can still be an influencer in your own online community, whether you have kids or not.

Best Australian Blogs Competition 2012 is open for entries!

I'm thrilled to announce that the Best Australian Blog Competition 2012 is open, and it's bigger and better than ever. We'd love you to enter!

How your blog can grow your business

Lara Solomon from Social Rabbit
We’ve all heard a lot about how blogging can be good for your business. But how do you know if you’re blogging the right way? Here's what to do.

Highlights from Problogger Training Day

Nikki Parkinson
From Twitter friends to Tim Ferriss, the Problogger Training day in Melbourne was full of inspiration and surprises.