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How to makeover your email and skyrocket your productivity

As business mentor, I often see people drown in a sea of emails. I'm currently mentoring Renee Freedman from Guardian Strata as part of Microsoft’s ModernBiz Technology Make-over. And when I caught up with Renee recently, she told me that she walked into work that day to find more than 700 messages in her inbox, all demanding urgent attention.

Renee is a strata manager – so you can probably imagine that kind of emails she receives! Facing a mountain of 700 emails on a regular basis is enough to make anyone feel sick. And they are all genuine messages from clients.

The reality is that the volume of Renee's emails is not going to decrease. So we worked together … Read the rest

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Mentoring in Microsoft’s #ModernBiz Technology Make-over

This month, I’ve started the exciting process of mentoring a business in Microsoft’s ModernBiz Technology Make-over. When Microsoft first approached me to get involved, it was a no-brainer. I love mentoring. I love technology. And I love helping small businesses harness the power of technology to make life easier.

The business in question is Guardian Strata, a specialist strata management company based in Sydney. This is a business that’s been going for seven years and is headed by a passionate business owner Ossie Pisanu. With his team of eight full-time staff, it faces many challenges that most small businesses need to deal with, and a raft of challenges that are specific to the strata industry.

[caption id="attachment_5302" align="aligncenter" … Read the rest

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What happens when someone steals your work?


What happens when you see your work blatantly ripped off by someone else? They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. But it's hard to convince yourself of this when you read someone else's work and it resembles your writing and ideas so much that it's almost a word-for-word copy. (There are only a few changes – but just enough that you couldn't pursue it as direct plagiarism in a court of law).

The first stage is disbelief. How could this happen? How could someone have so little professional pride that they have to blatantly copy your work?

The second stage is anger. How dare they? You're angry. You go through their body of work and soon realise … Read the rest

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I get asked curly questions on the Flying Solo podcast.

This week, acclaimed business coach and founder of Flying Solo Robert Gerrish interviewed me on the Flying Solo podcast. Robert’s not only a great business coach, he’s a great interviewer. And he certainly kept me on my toes. I hope you enjoy it.

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Featured in Switched on Leadership magazine


I was recently interviewed for an article in Switched on Leadership magazine about the power of storytelling in business. And the editors were kind enough to put me on the cover.

You can get a free three-month subscription to the magazine here.

If you’re interested in the new world of digital magazines, this combines the written word with an embedded podcast of the interview. … Read the rest
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My Life in a Minute: Chris Ducker, Seth Godin – and we turn 9!

It's been a while since I've shared "My Life in a Minute' so here is the latest on what's been happening in my world.

Thoroughly enjoyed: A recent mastermind session with entrepreneur, podcaster and author of "Virtual Freedom" Chris Ducker, which he held at the Australian Writers's Centre's training rooms in Sydney. There's nothing like a power day sharing ideas with fellow business owners. I highly recommend it.

With entrepreneur, podcaster and author of "Virtual Freedom" Chris Ducker in Sydney

With entrepreneur, podcaster and author of "Virtual Freedom" Chris Ducker in Sydney

Thrilled to meet: Seth Godin at a wonderful Business Chicks lunch. I hosted a table of some awesome peeps as we absorbed Seth's inimitable style in Melbourne.

Marketing guru Seth Godin and fabulous friends Marketing guru Seth Godin … Read the rest

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Feel the fear and do it anyway


I have a confession to make. For the past couple of years, I’ve been cruising. I’ve been so far into my comfort zone it’s been like living life in a down and feather doona with a bowl of M&Ms in easy reach. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working hard. It just means that I’ve been working hard only on projects and activities that I’ve been confident in achieving.

As a result of working hard, my career has progressed and my business has grown. While that’s great, it’s also part of the reason I’ve been content to roll around in my comfort zone – because there has been no imperative to get out of it. If life is generally … Read the rest

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How to find a consultant who will help transform your business

vk feature

You've been there. Your business is growing and you just can't do everything. It's time to call in the experts – consultants who can help take you to the next stage of your business.

This is be hard for control freaks. But if you want your business to grow it's important to accept that there are only 24 hours in a day and you can't actually be an expert in SEO, sales, operations, admin, customer service, accounting, strategy and human resources. Well, you can try – but you'll go crazy!

Handing over the reins to consultants can be both liberating and filled with danger. Some consultants can truly transform your business. Yet some consultants can charge you a tonne of … Read the rest

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Behind the scenes at Zappos

Ever since I read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh (CEO of online store Zappos) in one sitting, I've wanted to visit their offices in Las Vegas. So on my recent trip, I did just that. Here's a quick tour.

Zappos 1Apparently, it's a tie-free zone at Zappos. Anyone who wears a tie has it promptly cut off and this practice is proudly displayed at the front desk.

Zappos 2Tours of Zappos are free. Just book in – they even send a shuttle bus to pick you up from you hotel and can also drive you to the airport.

Zappos 3They're really big on creating T-shirts to celebrate milestones.

Zappos 4In fact, slightly obsessed with T-shirts for any reason.

Zappos 5There are kitchenettes everywhere featuring snacks, … Read the rest

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Now tell me what you REALLY want.

I have a tendency to make people cry. I don't set out to do it – and it's not because I'm being mean to people. The tears are unusually ones of relief – and, sometimes, a little bit of joy.

What you really want Feature

For reasons I can't explain, when I talk to people – even total strangers – I have a way of getting to the truth. It's never from asking private questions. I just seem to have a way of asking the right questions; the ones that make people really think about what they want out of their life. I don't set out to do it; it's just second nature to me.

I'll admit that I don't have a particular strategy or … Read the rest

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