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How to get those projects out of the “too hard” basket once and for all

We all have one. A “too hard” basket. And, sometimes, there are so many things in the damn basket that it can erode our confidence knowing we could possibly find so many things too hard! So what can you do to get those projects out of the “too hard” basket once and for all?

Often, when the basket gets full there is no imperative to take action because a situation hasn’t reached a critical point.

Projects like:

  • Redesigning your website. You already have a website that works. And, even though you know it could be better, you don’t have the time to create new designs, find a graphics person, or engage the services of a new developer.
  • Rolling over your
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    Are you really a thought leader – or a consultant?

    The term “thought leader” has become a big buzzword in recent years. So many people seem to want to add this description after their name. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you REALLY want to be a thought leader, it’s vital that you are truly acting like one.

    I see many consultants call themselves thought leaders. But they rarely produce content that remotely resembles thought leadership. That’s not to say they are not thought leaders. In fact, they may have a wealth of incredible information and insight into their chosen field. But if they don’t share that insight, then can they really be considered thought leaders? You can only be a thought leader if you bother to actually … Read the rest

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    What entrepreneurs can learn from Rocky 7. Yes, 7!

    I love the Rocky movies. (Except for Rocky 5 which really just should not have been made.) But every other Rocky movie has just hit the spot for me. So when Rocky Balboa undertook his final fight in Rocky 6, it's safe to say that I was a little sad that it was the end of an era.

    But I should have known better.

    Because he's back... in Rocky 7. This is not a joke. And unsurprisingly... I. Just. Can't. Wait.

    Before you pooh pooh this movie and write it off as a ridiculous story about an ageing boxer, let me assure you that Rocky isn't coming back into the ring in a feeble attempt to win a world championship … Read the rest

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    Are you getting the RIGHT kind of attention?

    I was once speaking to an author about building his profile and helping him to working out ways he could get more publicity. This author wasn't craving fame for the sake of it. His primary aim was to sell more of his books. As an author of a business book, he was an expert in a very specific niche.

    From the outside, it looked like his profile-building efforts were working. He was featured in magazine articles, interviewed on blogs and podcasts and even scored what many people consider to be the Holy Grail ... an appearance on a morning television show.

    However, he confided in me that he felt exhausted – and wondered whether all his efforts at getting publicity … Read the rest

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    3 pillars of communication in your business

    When you are running a small business it’s easy to get so caught up in doing the work, stressing about the future, and focusing on keeping your business going that the simple act of communication can fall by the wayside. And if you have competent staff who are getting their job done, it’s can be easy to forget to check in with them. But that’s no way to grow your business.

    Regular readers will know that I'm currently mentoring Renee Freedman from Guardian Strata as part of Microsoft’s ModernBiz Technology Make-over. As part of this initiative, Guardian Strata is undergoing tremendous change – and not just in the area of technology.

    I know that Renee – and everyone else on … Read the rest

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    How to makeover your email and skyrocket your productivity

    As business mentor, I often see people drown in a sea of emails. I'm currently mentoring Renee Freedman from Guardian Strata as part of Microsoft’s ModernBiz Technology Make-over. And when I caught up with Renee recently, she told me that she walked into work that day to find more than 700 messages in her inbox, all demanding urgent attention.

    Renee is a strata manager – so you can probably imagine that kind of emails she receives! Facing a mountain of 700 emails on a regular basis is enough to make anyone feel sick. And they are all genuine messages from clients.

    The reality is that the volume of Renee's emails is not going to decrease. So we worked together … Read the rest

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    Mentoring in Microsoft’s #ModernBiz Technology Make-over

    This month, I’ve started the exciting process of mentoring a business in Microsoft’s ModernBiz Technology Make-over. When Microsoft first approached me to get involved, it was a no-brainer. I love mentoring. I love technology. And I love helping small businesses harness the power of technology to make life easier.

    The business in question is Guardian Strata, a specialist strata management company based in Sydney. This is a business that’s been going for seven years and is headed by a passionate business owner Ossie Pisanu. With his team of eight full-time staff, it faces many challenges that most small businesses need to deal with, and a raft of challenges that are specific to the strata industry.

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    What happens when someone steals your work?

    What happens when you see your work blatantly ripped off by someone else? They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. But it's hard to convince yourself of this when you read someone else's work and it resembles your writing and ideas so much that it's almost a word-for-word copy. (There are only a few changes – but just enough that you couldn't pursue it as direct plagiarism in a court of law).

    The first stage is disbelief. How could this happen? How could someone have so little professional pride that they have to blatantly copy your work?

    The second stage is anger. How dare they? You're angry. You go through their body of work and soon realise … Read the rest

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    I get asked curly questions on the Flying Solo podcast.

    This week, acclaimed business coach and founder of Flying Solo Robert Gerrish interviewed me on the Flying Solo podcast. Robert’s not only a great business coach, he’s a great interviewer. And he certainly kept me on my toes. I hope you enjoy it.

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    Featured in Switched on Leadership magazine

    I was recently interviewed for an article in Switched on Leadership magazine about the power of storytelling in business. And the editors were kind enough to put me on the cover.

    You can get a free three-month subscription to the magazine here.

    If you’re interested in the new world of digital magazines, this combines the written word with an embedded podcast of the interview.… Read the rest
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