Are you playing The Email Game?

Email Game POST
So I've been playing a little game with myself. It's been going on for a while and I thought it was time I shared it with you. It's called The Email Game. This isn't a euphemism for anything. It's an actual game. About email. That you play with yourself. If you have an inbox of exploding proportions like mine, any help to slay it is most welcome. Until now, I've tried a range of strategies ranging from setting rules, only checking at certain times of day, being ruthless about deleting and so on. But none of these have ever left me feeling anything less than overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails I receive. I'll admit, I don't answer them all. That would be impossible. Within those gazillion emails are legitimate queries that require legitimate responses. But trying to conquer them can sometimes feel like trying to climb Everest. Until The Email Game came along.

APP PICK: Scrivener – an essential tool for any author

Scrivener (with which I am not associated) is an awesome tool that will revolutionise the life of anyone writing any sort of long-form document like a novel, technical document or screenplay. You will be amazed!

BNET Video “The Venture”: Applications for business

The Venture - Applications for business
With many business owners these days juggling multiple demands while they’re ‘on the run’, what are the apps that are making things simpler and more efficient?

Who started Follow Friday?

Follow Friday creator Micah Baldwin and Valerie Khoo.
#followfriday has become a ubiquitous hashtag on Twitter streams all over the world. Meet the man who started it.

How to make your business volcano-proof

Here I am stranded in Chile
I'm stuck in Santiago, Chile. This has inspired this week's Enterprise post on how to make your business volcano-proof.