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Animal Matters: An executive red carpet business event with a serious message

Many of you know that I have a number of pets. Five to be exact. And judging by the number of pet photos that I feature on this blog, it's easy to assume that I've been an animal lover from way back.

To tell you the truth, that's not the case. When I was younger, I never had a remote affinity with animals or pets. I was never that enamoured with visiting people if they had a dog. Wasn't fond of cats. Just not into it.

Then Rex came into my life.

Not only did I fall in love, I suddenly developed a love for animals that simply didn't exist before. Not just a love, but a deep appreciation for … Read the rest

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I like cats. I like blogging. So I can build a $37 million company right?

There used to be a time (yes this is true) that I used to wake up each morning, reach for my phone and – before even checking emails or messages – I'd look up Icanhascheezburger. If you're not familiar with this internet phenomenon, it's simply a website full of cat photos accompanied by funny captions. These days, other animals of the non-feline variety also feature on the site.

I used to look up this site because I was guaranteed to have a giggle. And it was a great way to start the day. Such a simple idea, so effective. Since then the site has grown from one person blogging funny pictures of cats into a media empire which has … Read the rest

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My life in a minute: Candace Bushnell, new jewellery and posters of cats

My darling Rex


Loving: This awesome poster from This is a great new service where you can turn your Instagram photos into a poster. It's all done online and, using the PosterCandy application, you can drag and drop the photos you want into posters of various sizes.

I chose a poster that's 100cm x 70cms, it arrived last week and I love it! Apparently, it fits standard IKEA frames so I'm going get that next time I visit that monolith.

(And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just think this is really cool!)



Featured on: * Social Media Knowledge did this interview with me here.

* 612 ABC Brisbane radio. I did … Read the rest

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My life in a minute: Chocolate, foot therapy and a brand new office


Excited: That we have got the keys to our new premises in Melbourne. I'm so thrilled that we're now one of the arts and culture organisations at The Abbotsford Convent. This precinct is a thriving creative and artistic community and our new neighbours include Drama Victoria, Illustrators Australia, Complete Works Theatre, The Creativity Institute and more.


One of the main buildings at The Abbotsford Convent.


The Abbotsford Convent is located right in the heart of inner city Melbourne (the nearest station is Collingwood). The grounds are beautiful, there are two bars, gallery spaces, a bakery, restaurants, 3MBSFM, stunning gardens and lots of training rooms where we’ll be holding our courses.


There are a couple of casual Read the rest

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Travelling with pets: flying in Australia


Little doggie Rambo is somewhat of a frequent flyer. I only wish that he could earn points for all his travelling. I know that many people think it's a hassle to travel with pets but it can be a pretty seamless experience. A bit of planning means that your furry friend can enjoy your destination with you.

I've received so many emails and messages asking for tips on travelling with pets I figured it was high time I wrote them all down. Regular readers will know that I travel a lot between Sydney and Melbourne – and I usually bring some or all of my menagerie with me. So when it comes to flying with pets, what's the deal?… Read the rest

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My life in a minute: Writing, dining, stage-mothering and lots of driving


Melbourne Writers' Club: It was great to connect with fabulous people in the writing community at Melbourne Writers' Club last week, which is a monthly networking event organised by Sandi Sieger, editor-in-chief on Onya Magazine. I was honoured to speak at the event at the The Honey Bar in South Melbourne.



Oscar's Table: While we're on all things writing, I do love restaurants with a literary theme. I had dinner at Oscar's Table at Docklands in Melbourne. It is full of Oscar Wilde quotes, lampshades are made from pages from books and there's a giant original painting of the man himself adorning the walls.





Getting ready for his closeup My little doggie Rambo … Read the rest

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My life in a minute: Breakfast with Twitter, Power Stories to launch in Brazil, Join our Summer School

Adorable Rocky patiently waits to be let in


I'm usually a hermit. I love nothing more than being cocooned at home with my furry babies. Here are a couple of gratuitous pics (above and below).


Sweet little Rambo

However, my diary had other plans for me this week. So what's been on the agenda?

Power Stories to launch in Brazil Big news this week is that my book Power Stories: The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business will be launched in Brazil. The publishers are busy translating it into Portuguese as you read this.

I can't wait to see the version they sell in Brazil. I won't be able to read a word of … Read the rest

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We met online. Then we fell in love.

Rambo thinks he's chairman of the board


Rambo and I met online. It was love at first sight. And before long I arranged to meet him.

It was my friend Amanda who first introduced me to Monika's Doggie Rescue, a no-kill rescue shelter based in Ingleside. She found her two gorgeous dogs Mondoe and Alfie there. So, before long, I was browsing the website and came upon a tiny dog called Tappy.

I decided to meet Tappy. He was hesitant and slow when we went for a walk – not at all like the bounding, playful dogs you see in TV commercials. I stopped on a park bench and picked him up to sit next to me. He … Read the rest

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My life in a minute: Radio segments, fluff balls – and still getting cosy with Richard Branson

baboon™ via photopin cc


So excited: To be interviewed on The Business Woman Radio I was interviewed by the lovely Amanda Rose on her radio segment about my book Power Stories: The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business.

If you'd like to listen, click here, and look for the the interview on 10 October 2012. I hope you enjoy it!

Amanda Rose


Feeling: Warm and glowy thanks to former student Kelly Exeter This week I read a blog post by Kelly Exeter called "The course that changed my life" – and it took my breath away. Sometimes, you can wonder whether you are making a difference – even just a small difference … Read the rest

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Long tail of the internet FEATURE

Why my dog (dressed as Superman) is the long tail of the internet

I know that regular readers will know that I'll use any excuse to feature a picture of one of my pets. Well, here is little doggie Rambo. Yes, he is dressed as Superman. No, your eyes do not deceive you … Superman.

Before I go on, I would just like to say that I'm not one of those weird Crazy Cat Ladies who dresses up her animals as characters from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Okay, okay, I know that a dog dressed as a DC comics character isn't too far off but, trust me on this, there IS a subtle difference.

And before you get all "OMG, she's kooky" on me ... let me assure you that … Read the rest

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