My new podcast is “New & Notable” on iTunes!


This week I was thrilled to discover that my new podcast “So you want to be a writer” is featured in the “New & Notable” section on iTunes. I co-host this podcast with fellow journalist and author Allison Tait – and we’re having a ball!

Allison and I first met when we were desk buddies back when we worked together at CLEO magazine. Those were the days when we interviewed everyone from Australia’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors, celebrities, supermodels and everyone in between. Part of the job was to go to industry functions, film screenings, fashion shoots and the like.

However, you can only sustain that kind of lifestyle for so long. Yes, it gets boring. And, these days, we’re more excited about staying at home than we are about going out. Well, I am anyway! One thing we both love is to talk about the world of writing, blogging and publishing. And that’s what our podcast is about.

So if you’re interested in an inside look at how to become a writer – with news and a bit of gossip thrown in – including our regular “Writer in Residence” interview with an author or industry insider, I hope you’ll tune in!… Read more ...

3 podcasts I’m loving right now

3 podcasts 1


I love podcasts. And as I often commute from the Yarra Valley into Melbourne, I love the time I have in the car where I can listen to inspiring business owners or experts talk about what they’re passionate about. It’s dedicated “me time” and I almost always learn something useful that I can apply to my business or life.

When I discover a new podcast, I typically go back and listen to a selection of previous episodes to see if they appeal to me. If they do, I will listen to most of the “back catalog”. And chances are that I’ll subscribe and become a dedicated fan.

Then there are other podcasts that I’ll dip into and “cherry pick” certain episodes based on their description.

So here are the podcasts I’m loving right now:

1. Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy podcast
Amy packs her podcasts with information, regardless of whether she is interviewing a guest or simply riffing on her own.

I have to admit, I had previously subscribed to Amy’s blog/newsletter and found that her messages did not resonate with me through these channels.… Read more ...

Introducing … my new podcast: SMaC Talk

smactalk HERO
I love social media. Whether it's blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin – or whatever social media platform is the new kid on the block – I love the way these tools can help us forge connections, build relationships and nurture communities of fans, followers and customers.

However, there is a LOT going on the social web. Every time you look, there is a new photo-sharing website, or must-read blog post or innovative strategy that the SMEGs (Social Media Gurus) are touting as the answer to all your prayers.

There's so much happening that every time I catch up with my friends IRL (in real life), we end up talking about what's going on online.

So in true social media style, we want to share this conversation with you – and encourage you to join in the discussion. I'm thrilled to announced the launch of SMaC Talk – a new weekly podcast that I'm doing with fellow Social Media Chicks (SMaC) Kerri Sackville and Allison Tait.

Podcast: My “Power Stories” chat with Timbo Reid (“Small Business, Big Marketing”)

You may remember that a few months ago I did a crazy thing. I drove from Melbourne to Sydney (that's not the crazy bit) with my three furry babies in the car (that's not the crazy bit either). Apart from my two fluffy white cats and one fluffy white dog, the only other thing accompanying me on that v-e-ee-e-r-r-ry l-o-o-o-o-o-o-g trip was 11 hours of Tim Reid's fabulous "Small Business, Big Marketing" podcast.

Yes, my iPod did not have a single song on it. But I had many hours of Tim Reid (more famously known as Timbo Reid) in my ears. He kept me sane on that long journey. Well, initially. After 11 hours … well, I was going a little bit nuts.

Podcast: Travel writer Brian Thacker

Brian Thacker feature image
Brian Thacker has travelled the globe on numerous occasions, happily embarking on adventures aplenty and writing about them. In this entertaining podcast, he talks about his latest book, "Tell Them to Get Lost", why he loves life on the road, and especially writing about it.

Podcast: Jessica Rudd

Jessica Rudd podcast
Jessica Rudd is a talented woman. She trained as a lawyer, before working in PR, politics, and law then became a full time writer at 26. I had a fascinating talk to her about her life as a writer and particularly her new novel, "Ruby Blues".

Podcast: Christmas podcast with Heather Smith and Al McKillop

Christmas podcast with Al McKillop and Heather Smith
For the Christmas edition of my podcast, I decided to do things a little differently and interview two authors at the same time. So I sat down with Heather Smith and Al McKillop, both graduates of the Sydney Writers' Centre, and talked to them about their new books, their writing techniques, and why social media matters to them.