Why your role model might not be right for you

Role Model

When it comes to choosing the right role model, I see too many people choosing … the wrong one. It’s a trend that’s been exacerbated by the online world.

That’s because if someone is smart about building an online profile, they get exposure and visibility. However, it’s so important not to confuse “profile” with “success”.

Here’s an example. I was talking to my friend, Alice (not her real name). She talked about how inspired she was about the journey of a famous blogger/startup entrepreneur who has managed to carve out an enviable lifestyle travelling the world and running his business from his laptop. We’ll call him John.

As a result, Alice modelled her blog and her business on John’s. She wrote headlines, just like John’s. She talked about creating products, just like John’s. And I began to notice certain graphics and phrases creep into her blog that looked eerily like those I’d seen on John’s blog.

Alice aspires to have a healthy income well in excess of six figures. (You know, closer to seven figures.) She wants to make enough money to invest in long-term assets, and she has plans to create a mini-empire.… Read more …

Sh*t Social Media Chicks say

Sht Social Media Chicks say


And now for something completely different …
This is what happens when my social media buddies Allison Tait, Kerri Sackville and I get together.

Both Allison and Kerri are presenters at the Australian Writers’ Centre. And we’re all slightly obsessed with social media. To celebrate our podcast SMaC Talk (Social Media Chicks), we filmed a video. And may well live to regret it.


Read more …

Introducing … my new podcast: SMaC Talk

smactalk HERO

I love social media. Whether it’s blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin – or whatever social media platform is the new kid on the block – I love the way these tools can help us forge connections, build relationships and nurture communities of fans, followers and customers.

However, there is a LOT going on the social web. Every time you look, there is a new photo-sharing website, or must-read blog post or innovative strategy that the SMEGs (Social Media Gurus) are touting as the answer to all your prayers.

There’s so much happening that every time I catch up with my friends IRL (in real life), we end up talking about what’s going on online.

So in true social media style, we want to share this conversation with you – and encourage you to join in the discussion. I’m thrilled to announced the launch of SMaC Talk – a new weekly podcast that I’m doing with fellow Social Media Chicks (SMaC) Kerri Sackville and Allison Tait. [...]

Seven deadly sins of social media

Seven sins of social media POST

I’m often amazed at the comments I hear from small business owners who seem more afraid of social media than the plague. When social media was still relatively new, I completely understood this trepidation. But now that it’s simpler and quicker to use than ever before, it’s perplexing that some business owners stick their heads in the sand when it comes to learning about it. It’s not rocket science. This inspired this week’s Enterprise post.

Social media is either too hard, too scary or too ridiculous to waste time on. I hear these sentiments constantly from business owners of all ages. Of course, prolific users of social media probably find these attitudes archaic. But they are real – and more common that you’d expect.

For example, I recently met a business owner who runs a small nutrition practice. He told me that he studied Facebook for six months – researching what it does and how it works – before finally registering for an account. Six months! Seriously, Facebook is not akin to nuclear physics. It doesn’t require this level of study.

Similarly, I recently did a video interview with a business owner, profiling her work and products. At the end of the interview, she told me that she didn’t want it on YouTube. I was perplexed. She was happy for us to film, she saw us set up the cameras. I wondered if I had unwittingly offended her or if she was unhappy with the interview. It turns out that she thought the interview was just fine. “I just don’t want it on YouTube.” [...]

Announcing: My new business … SocialCallout.com

social callout announcement FEATURE

I am thrilled to announce my involvement in a new venture called Social Callout, connecting bloggers, and businesses and brands, that want to connect with them. [...]

It’s not you, it’s me – dealing with social media rejection

Social Media Rejection SLIDER

There’s no need to be overwhelmed by your social media strategy. Instead of letting it be a source of stress, manage it properly and make it work for you. [...]

charity: water – Making a difference

Paull Young - charity water

Clean water is vital to a healthy life but so many people in the world have no access to it. One organisation, charity: water is working hard to ensure this dire situation doesn’t continue, as their Director of Digital, Paull Young, explains. [...]

Who started Follow Friday?

Follow Friday creator Micah Baldwin and Valerie Khoo.

#followfriday has become a ubiquitous hashtag on Twitter streams all over the world. Meet the man who started it. [...]

Taking social media to social commerce

Dell's Michael Buck: Wall Street Journal's Julia Angwin; Sydney Writers' Centre'/s Valerie Khoo

I recently spoke at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network conference in Rio de Janeiro on the panel “Taking social media to social commerce”. Here is my post on what I think is going to characterise the next stage when social networks move beyond “connecting” and into “transacting”. [...]

Amber MacArthur: social media expert and author of “Power Friending”

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 10.52.18 PM

Amber MacArthur is a broadcaster (she’s on primetime TV in Canada), podcaster (net@night on the Twit network), speaker and author of “Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business”. She’s also been touted by “Canadian Business” as “Canada’s top social media expert on how to build a brand”.

I interviewed Amber last week for my Enterprise column for Fairfax and also asked her a few questions about her book “Power Friending” in the video below:


I also think that the book trailer Amber created for her book is very clever. Fans of “Dexter” will love Amber’s take on the show’s opening credits. Although, in true social media style, Amber’s version is … “Texter”. Check it out here:

Find out more on Amber Mac here.Read more …