My new fave tool:


Many readers will already know that I’m in love with Evernote. It’s a tool that I use every single to day to take notes, write articles and store information that I need to keep for future reference. However, I now have another love:

It’s ok. I’m not cheating on Evernote. They both now have a firm place in my heart.

Evernote helps me collate and create.
Penzu helps me think and process.

If you’re not familiar with Penzu, it’s an online journal. Its website describes it thus: “Penzu is an online diary and personal journal that is focused on privacy. With a unique and compelling user experience, it makes writing online as easy and intuitive as writing on a pad of paper.”

For fellow Latin geeks, it’s derived from “pensare” which means to ponder, examine or be full of thought.

When do I use Penzu?
You know those days when you have so many things to do, or so many ideas to pursue, that you just don’t know where to start. It’s when you feel so overwhelmed that you just don’t know what to do next.… Read more ...

My life in a minute: Writing, dining, stage-mothering and lots of driving

My Life in a Minute 15 Feb 2013 POST
Melbourne Writers' Club: It was great to connect with fabulous people in the writing community at Melbourne Writers' Club last week, which is a monthly networking event organised by Sandi Sieger, editor-in-chief on Onya Magazine. I was honoured to speak at the event at the The Honey Bar in South Melbourne.

Oscar's Table: While we're on all things writing, I do love restaurants with a literary theme. I had dinner at Oscar's Table at Docklands in Melbourne. It is full of Oscar Wilde quotes, lampshades are made from pages from books and there's a giant original painting of the man himself adorning the walls.

Getting ready for his closeup My little doggie Rambo had a photo session with celebrity photographer Gina Milicia last week. He also stars in Gina's latest book "Making the Shot" which is full of her pro tips on taking portraits.

A very pretty high tea It was great to check out high tea at Christine Re Tea Rooms in Collingwood in Melbourne. This was the venue of Rhiannon Colarossi's WellbeingWeb event. Check out how gorgeous it is!

This week I heard a story that broke my heart

This week I heard a story that broke my heart FEATURE
Doing whatever it takes to pursue your dream of being a published author makes perfect sense. But if someone makes you an offer to help you reach that goal much faster than normal and it's sounds too good to be true, sadly it probably is.

Scripts aren’t just for the movies

Scripts arent just for the movies FEATURE
Scripts aren't just for flashy TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters. They can also be useful in making sure that your frontline staff are giving consistent helpful responses to your customers every time ... and that's always good for business!

Am I on the “wrong” side of 40?

Am I on the wrong side of 40 FEATURE
Words are powerful things. So think twice before you apply a label to your life since we often end up becoming what we call ourselves.

Podcast: I interview best-selling author Judy Nunn

Judy Nunn
Judy Nunn, author and actress, is best remembered for her old as Ailsa in Home and Away, But since finishing that role in 2000, she has forged a successful career as a novelist. With the launch of her new book, Tiger Men, we thought it was a great time to hear her thoughts on writing, the creative process, and life as a writer.

What does your “About us” page really say about you?

“About us”. Your company profile. It’s one of the most clicked pages on your website, but how much time have you spent crafting the words on the page? Similarly, when you ask your assistant to quickly email your bio to the organiser of the next event you are speaking at, have you really considered whether it’s suitable for that audience?

I’m in Australia’s 25 Best Business Blogs

Today, this blog was announced by Smart Company as one of Australia's 25 Best Business Blogs. Woohoo!

Business books are the new black

Business books are the new black
These days, when you go to conferences and networking events, savvy business owners aren’t merely exchanging business cards anymore. They’re exchanging books. Your very own business book is now the ideal way to showcase your expertise and generate new leads.

5 common business writing mistakes

5 common business writing mistakes
When it comes to the written communication you use in business, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Here are five common mistakes I see all the time - make sure you avoid them!