Outlive. Outlast. Outsell. Why your business should enter this competition

Enterprise 2 July 2012 Shopify comp FEATURE
Australian entrepreneurs continue to "punch above their weight" in the field of global e-commerce, a trend likely to continue in this year's Shopify Build-a-Business competition.

Scripts aren’t just for the movies

Scripts arent just for the movies FEATURE
Scripts aren't just for flashy TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters. They can also be useful in making sure that your frontline staff are giving consistent helpful responses to your customers every time ... and that's always good for business!

Am I on the “wrong” side of 40?

Am I on the wrong side of 40 FEATURE
Words are powerful things. So think twice before you apply a label to your life since we often end up becoming what we call ourselves.

How to use content marketing to promote your business

How to use content marketing to promote your business FEATURE
Want to become an expert in your business niche? Content marketing is one of the best ways in the new digital economy to promote your business, says Trevor Young in his new book "The Micro Maven Manifesto: An introduction to the global micro brand revolution".

The real digital divide: are you at risk?

The real digital divide Enterprise FEATURE
In today's competitive world, business owners need to regard technology as an essential component of their business strategy and not just a pesky expense.

How to give good interview

marie claire FEATURE
It can be intimidating being interviewed by the media. But these four simple tips will go a long way to making it a rewarding experience that will build your profile, and potentially lead to more customers.

Announcing: My new business … SocialCallout.com

social callout announcement FEATURE
I am thrilled to announce my involvement in a new venture called Social Callout, connecting bloggers, and businesses and brands, that want to connect with them.

My life in a minute: 29 June 2012

My life in a minute 29 June 2012 FEATURE
Inspired by Ruslan Kogan and Kyle Maynard, hair done by Fotini, cranky at Rocky and protecting Rambo, launching my new business ... and meeting my favourite bloggers. Another very busy but wonderful Life in a Minute.

Ruslan Kogan: Lessons from a renegade entrepreneur

Online retail empresario Ruslan Kogan gives an honest account of what it takes to get a start-up business off the ground.

“Namaste”: my postcard from New Delhi

Namaste my postcard from New Delhi FEATURE
I loved India. Everything from the luxury of the Leela Palace Hotel to the majesty of the Taj Mahal at sunrise to my new found love of lychee martinis. It was all magical!

India: Business opportunities, technology … and martinis

India business opportunities, technology and martinis FEATURE
This year's Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network Event (DWEN) in India has shown that the country has many lessons for aspiring small business entrepreneurs everywhere.

The person you sit next to could land you $100,000 – or a really big headache.

The person you sit next to FEATURE
What happens on a long haul flight when I'm seated next to a family with three children? The results are scary. But not what you might expect.

My life in a minute: 15 June 2012

My usual busy life continues - meeting Seth Graham-Smith, presenting at Etsy, producing "Latte" magazine and trying out the Samsung Galaxy S3. Phew! Think I will need a flight to India just to recover.

I wanted to become a mummy blogger – then I remembered I don’t have kids

mummybloggers FEATURE 2
It's true - mummy bloggers are on the rise and deservedly so. But you can still be an influencer in your own online community, whether you have kids or not.

Why the tax man forces you to get intimate with your accountant

Intimate with your accountant FEATURE
Finding the right accountant is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. They are often the difference between your business surging ahead or being crippled by an unaffordable tax burden.

The one thing you can do to stay ahead of the pack

The one thing you can do to stay ahead of the pack FEATURE
While engaging with your customers via social media may be the more popular choice these days, face to face networking should still have a place in everyone's business strategy.

Does getting a cat mean you’ve given up on men?

Don't let the fact that you're single hold you back from going after all the amazing things you want in life.

Let’s Talk Business: Get more business – go online

If you're wanting to take the plunge into retailing on the web but aren't sure how to go about it, then the next Let's Talk Business event on 26 June 2012 will be perfect for you.

Letting go of the reins in your business

Letting go of reins FEATURE
Do you want the business you created to grow to its full potential? Then perhaps you need to step out of the way.

Where did my biological clock go?

Bio clock FEATURE
I know - I am supposed to hear my biological clock ticking so loudly it drowns out everything else. But I don't hear it, busy as I am with a thousand other things in my life. Should that worry me?