City slickers build a country empire

City slickers build a country empire
One enterprising couple has proven that you can leave the big city and still build a business empire.

3 business books that changed my life: Rebekah Campbell, founder and CEO at

Rebekah Campbell 3 Business Books FEATURE
As part of the continuing series, "3 Business Books That Changed My Life", I asked Rebekah Campbell, founder of, for the three business books that have really made a difference to her entrepreneurial journey.

Don’t say the wrong thing

NETT 4 Sept 2012 FEATURE
Life is full of examples of people confusing the correct word to use with a totally wrong one simply because they sound alike. So here's your guide to six pairings that cannot substitute for each other, no matter what your ears may think.

My life in a minute: Bloggers, startups, and strange looking canapés, 31 August 2012

Life in a minute 31 August 2012
I am down south for a while and catching up on all sorts of events and meetings and seeing a host of wonderful people ... with a quick trip back to Sydney into the bargain! As usual, it's a busy Life in a Minute.

True believer puts money where his mouth is

Enterprise 30 Aug FEATURE
Meet the savvy app entrepreneur whose bright idea may just revolutionise our leisure time.

See you in Melbourne! I’m speaking at the Women as Entrepreneurs event

Women as Entrepreneurs event FEATURE
I'm speaking at the Women as Entrepreneurs event in Melbourne on 4 September. Looking forward to seeing you there.

A newbie’s guide to start-ups

A newbie's guide to start-ups FEATURE
Want to improve your start-up's chances of success? Riley Batchelor suggests educating yourself on this growing field of business from the word go.

Sydney Business Month event: “The Storytelling Secrets of Highly Profitable Businesses”

Sydney Business Month event FEATURE
I look forward to seeing you at the Sydney Business Month workshop on 20 September where I will be speaking on the "Storytelling Secrets of Highly Profitable Businesses".

How to write a powerful case study

How to write a powerful case study FEATURE
Want to convince a customer that your company has what they need? An inspiring well-constructed case study could be just the thing to bring them over the line.

My life in a minute: 17 August 2012

My life in a minute 17 Aug 2012 FEATURE
So many wonderful things to see and do - articles by Sydney Writers' Centre alumni, feline delights of, being moved by Eden Riley's posts, the trailer for "Les Miserables" the movie, and a recruitment video by PwC Singapore ...

Bargain recruits at your service

Finding offshore workers FEATURE
It's a global marketplace now and Virtual Coworker is helping Australian small businesses make the most of it.

Interview with Emma Isaacs, CEO Business Chicks

Emma Isaacs FEATURE
While I was at the recent Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Event (DWEN) in India, I took time out to talk to the lovely Emma Isaacs, CEO of Business Chicks, about the importance of networking.

50 Shades of Startup – a newbie founder’s guide to domination

50 Shades of Startup FEATURE
It's like nothing you've ever experienced before. Your heart is pounding and you wonder if the rush will ever stop ... You're launching a startup. Get ready for the most exhilarating ride of your life.

Cabernet, high stress and a winning formula

Cabernet high stress and a winning formula FEATURE
What's the secret to launching a successful start-up business? Persistence and the willingness to change your strategy as needed.

Interview with Deborah Harrigan, Dell Australia and New Zealand

Deborah Harrigan FEATURE
As many of you will know, I was fortunate enough to go to the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network Event (DWEN) in June and while there interviewed the amazing Deborah Harrigan from Dell.

This week I heard a story that broke my heart

This week I heard a story that broke my heart FEATURE
Doing whatever it takes to pursue your dream of being a published author makes perfect sense. But if someone makes you an offer to help you reach that goal much faster than normal and it's sounds too good to be true, sadly it probably is.

Startup life – the highs, lows and an entrepreneur’s $2.7 million education

Startup life Enterprise 2 August 2012 FEATURE
Starting your own business is rarely easy and comes with highs and lows and many lessons learned. I spoke with Rebekah Campbell of to find out what her entrepreneurial journey has taught her.

My Life in a Minute: 27 July 2012

My life in a minute 27 July 2012 FEATURE
Loving my busy life - driving to Melbourne, exploring new websites, shopping for furniture, looking forward to meeting Ita ... and all washed down with one too many coffees?

Like it or loathe it, perception is everything

Is your business the Leisel Jones of your industry FEATURE
Hard work and great ideas are important for any entrepreneur. But the reality is that your customers won't always see that, so you may need to add some other things into the mix to ensure your longevity in business.

5 Powerpoint sins you should never commit

5 Powerpoint sins you should never commit
Powerpoint is a powerful tool for presentations but it is often misused by people who fail to understand the best ways to use it. So here are 5 sure fire ways to make your presentations engaging, and more importantly, memorable.