We met online. Then we fell in love.


I have Monika’s Doggie Rescue to thank for bringing sweet adorable Rambo into my life … wouldn’t you like to fall in love too? [...]

My life in a minute: Radio segments, fluff balls – and still getting cosy with Richard Branson

Life in a minute 2 Nov 2012 FEATURE

“Power Stories” keeps powering on … on the radio, on a podcast and right next to Richard Branson on the bestseller lists … all the while I’m inspired by Kelly Exeter and exhausted shepherding the furries to the vet … [...]

Anatomy of an app

Anatomy of an app FEATURE

Games are no longer just for children. Thanks to a burgeoning app market, they’re now big business for adults too. [...]

This is war: when all is not well in your world

This is war FEATURE

Getting angry may feel like the right thing to do but it is rarely as effective as staying calm and talking the issue through. [...]

It’s party time for schoolies entrepreneur

Enterprise post 25 Oct 2012 FEATURE

Three weeks. Six million dollars. Multiple parties. One very successful business. [...]

How to write a business bestseller: I reveal all

How to write a business bestseller POST

Want to write a buzz-generating business book? There’s just one place to find out everything you need to know! [...]

Meet The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Peter Shallard POST

Peter Shallard is known as The Shrink For Entrepreneurs and his amazing new video illustrates the profound effect he is having on the lives of many people. Check it out! [...]

3 business books that changed my life: Andrew Birt, co-founder of Angelcube and LIFX Labs

Andrew Birt POST FINAL

Andrew Birt, co-founder of Angelcube, and LIFX Labs has been inspired by the lives of many entrepreneurs. But I asked him to narrow it down to just the “3 business books that changed my life” and here are his choices. [...]

My life in a minute: 19 October 2012

DWEN-Valerie Khoo-Kylie-Emma

My life in a minute: Lots of wonderful activity with DWEN and Problogger … but also the calmness of hugs from my furry babies … and yes Calm.com itself. [...]

Turning a blog into a business

Turning a blog into a business FEATURE

Blogging is no longer just a part-time hobby for over-sharers – it is now big business … and getting bigger all the time. [...]

The perils of business travel … and why I have skin like J-Lo

Perils of business travel POST

Disaster! Flew back to Sydney without ANY of my make up and had to buy all of it again … the upside? I am now glowing like J-Lo. [...]

“Power Stories” debuts at number 2 – and what you can learn from this

"Power Stories" debuts at number 2 - and what you can learn from this

Always remember to celebrate your milestones. You earned them so shout it from the rooftops. [...]

3 business books that changed my life: Heidi Holmes, owner and manager of adage.com.au

Heidi Holmes

Heidi Holmes, who owns and manages jobs site adage.com.au, firmly believes you need a passion for what you do. And one way to keep enthusiasm alive is to read inspiring writers like the ones she has chosen for “3 business books that changed my life”. [...]

My life in a minute: On the cover of “Working Women” magazine; and the secret to saving relationships

My life in a Minute 5 Oct 2012 WNA cover

Loving life! Interviews, a night at the opera, “Power Stories” charges ahead, a catch up with our wonderful graduates … and I found sponges with the power to save relationships. Yes really … [...]

What it REALLY takes to turn an idea into reality

What is REALLY takes to turn an idea into reality

Think big, work hard, go for broke. One entrepreneur’s recipe for building a business empire. [...]

Why I’m not a domestic goddess

Why I'm not a domestic goddess FEATURE

I am never going to be freaking Martha Stewart or any other kind of domestic goddess. But have you seen what I can do with a steak? Sets the world on fire. [...]

3 business books that changed my life: Jonathan Barouch, CEO and founder of Roamz.com

Jonathan Barouch FEATURE

Jonathan Barouch, CEO and founder of Roamz.com, is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs I have ever met. But he also takes time out to read and learn from others, and it has changed the way he runs his business. [...]

My life in a minute: A story with a VERY happy ending!

Life in a minute 28 Sept 2012 FEATURE

What a week! Birthdays and cupcakes, speaking and signing, Rex’s dashed bid for stardom … and a VERY happy ending indeed. [...]

The business of educating others

The business of educating others FEATURE

Education can change the world! That’s the rallying cry of one young entrepreneur bent on changing the world one lesson at a time. [...]

Are you a champion storyteller?

Are you a champion storyteller FEATURE

Some people are nuts. Or short-sighted. Or something. And they make me wonder why they make it so hard for themselves in business. I just want to take the owners by the shoulders and shake them to say: “Can’t you see what you’re doing to yourself?” [...]