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This book will change your life

What are Power Stories? What makes them so effective? And why do you need eight of them? Prepare to harness the lost art of storytelling as you transform your brand into an icon and your customers into loyal advocates!

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Valerie has run keynotes or workshops for:

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Podcast: So you want to be a writer

Get your weekly dose of news in the world of writing, publishing and blogging. Join Valerie Khoo and co-host Allison Tait as they give you insider gossip and ideas on how to make it as a successful writer.
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Valerie Khoo

Valerie is founder of the Australian Writers’ Centre and author of Power Stories. She is a podcaster, blogger and keynote speaker.
Read more.

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Learn now

Want to learn from Valerie? You’ll find a range of self-paced and tutor-led courses to suit your learning goals run by Valerie and her team.
Find out more.

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Free ebook

Sign up for my weekly newsletter and you’ll receive the report “Storytelling secrets of highly profitable businesses”, powerful tips on business growth,  special offers and a peek into my entrepreneurial journey. Sign up now!

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Podcast: So you want to be a Photographer

Get your weekly dose of news in the world of photography, publishing and blogging. Join Valerie Khoo and co-host Gina Milicia as they give you insider gossip and ideas on how to make it as a successful photographer.
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How to write a business book

Everything you need to know about how to write your book – and get it published. Bestselling author and CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre Valerie Khoo leads you step by step in your publishing journey.
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