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This is the personal blog of Valerie Khoo, CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre, one of the world’s leading centres for writing courses. She is author of ‘Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business’ and co-host of the popular podcasts ‘So you want to be a writer’ and ‘So you want to be a photographer’. Valerie is also a mentor, keynote speaker and artist. She is passionate about exploring worlds of creativity and business. READ MORE

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  1. Sal

    SOmetimes wonder if they were talking to other people on the plane and not the child – trying to be heard by others perhaps? Keep it simple hey! Looks like you had a great trip.

    1. valeriekhoo

      I don’t know Sal. But it was making me go bonkers!

  2. Kelly Exeter

    OMG. Those parents must have been EXHAUSTED by the end of that flight!! My brain is hurting just reading your post 🙂

    1. valeriekhoo

      I think those parents had trained themselves for marathon-length lecture sessions. It was bizarre!

  3. allconsuming

    OH VAL, I’m so sorry. What you have witnessed and experienced was the modern social phenomenon of the ‘hover parent’ – yes, like the helicopter parent defined by Hugh Mackay but c.l.o.s.e.r.

    These are the parents who, when their children are having an absolute blazing meltdown, will quietly try and reason with the child as to why they are being asked to do whatever basic human task is being asked of them. The ones who calmly try to explain to the child why they are asking them to do what they are being asked to do instead of the correct response which is, ‘because I told you to’.

    This is classic parenting error 101 stuff.

    Sadly this type of parent are one in the same as those parents who cry bewilderment and hurt and wail, ‘oh no, my child would NEVER do that’ when their vicious bully of kid has been identified and held accountable for his/her actions.

    Basically parenting small children is on par with owning a dog. They need to a) know who’s boss, b) know key phrases, c) know what is an absolute deal-breaking not-allowed behaviour, d) be fed, watered and housed and e) shown love and affection.

    Everything else is white noise.

    1. valeriekhoo

      Kim: It was scary. A whole other world. I may set foot in another plane again.