January 30, 2019
Very grateful to The Saturday Paper for this profile. I devour this paper every weekend while I’m having a cup of tea in my favourite bookshop so it’s an honour to be in it this week! You can read the full story here.
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This original artwork, Blue Pheasants, is a striking piece depicting two pheasants in the garden, comfortable in each other’s company while industriously going about their day. Blue Pheasants ORIGINAL artwork 115cm x 81cm. Acrylic on artisan wood panel. $1550 Free shipping in Australia Price includes GST BUY ORIGINAL
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Valerie Khoo Dialogue HI_RES
This piece is called ‘Dialogue’. It’s about the dialogue we have with others in our lives, and the imaginary conversations we create in our minds. The reality is we can choose the dialogue we participate in. That means we can choose to hear words that are uplifting, liberating and full of colour. Or the ones...
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