Valerie Khoo

I'm a Sydney-based visual artist.

Storytelling in pictures

I’m fuelled by a passion for storytelling. In addition to being an artist I’m also a writer, so I see stories everywhere. Compelling stories drive art, so I approach my artwork always with the story front and centre in my mind, infusing movement, texture, and imagery on the canvas.

Each piece is underpinned by an inspiring story or intention so that the artwork serves as a daily reminder of a positive goal or vision in your life. I’m also inspired by water and love capturing its movement, energy, and power, which you can see in a lot of my work, especially the Swell series.

Growing Into An Artist

Despite having an interest in art from a young age, I first pursued other careers before I finally took the plunge to explore the world of art. While the journey has had its highs and lows, it’s also been exciting and full of surprises.

Looking back on the past year, no one is more surprised than I am that my artistic pursuits have resulted in one of the biggest pivots in my life. After many courses, workshops and experimentation, I’ve now been featured in group exhibitions and as a finalist in art prizes.

I’ve completed a Diploma of Surface Design and love my role as the City of Sydney’s Curator of the Sydney Lunar Festival for 2019 to 2021, which enables me to be surrounded by art and artists all the time.

Constant learning and exploration underpin all the work I create. The way art is created is still a mystery to me. But I’ve learnt to trust my instincts and give in to the magic of the creative process!

You can also find media articles about my work here.


One of my favourite ways to work is to collaborate with a customer to create a commissioned artwork designed to inspire, empower, and connect with that person’s creative soul.

It all starts with comprehensive research so that the final artwork incorporates aspects of the individual/organisation and their journey into the future. I happily work with individuals, interior designers, business owners, and founders to develop custom pieces that imbue their vision and ambitions.

If you’re interested in such a personal piece, find out more about the process over here.

Want a peek behind the scenes?

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