This commissioned artwork in now in a beautiful home in Melbourne. It’s called ‘Catching Creativity by the Tail’ and was created especially with its new owner in mind.

She is an amazing, creative and compassionate woman who has so much creativity to harness and turn into beauty. The artwork depicts the concept that there can be so many swirling ideas to grab on to – each of them valid – but sometimes the one you end up choosing is the one that floats closest to you.

And, ultimately, it’s the one that you can catch … and, through your own creative process, turn into something that you’re truly proud of.

It’s also inspired by the comments Elizabeth Gilbert made in her famous Ted talk, where she refers to how the poet Ruth Stone would be out working in the fields in Virginia and “feel and hear a poem coming at her from over the landscape”. … And she would reach out … and … catch the poem by its tail.

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