3 creative tools inspiring me right now

When I come across great tools/resources, I love sharing them in case you might find them useful, interesting or even game-changing. So here are my latest three!

1. Learn a new language with your own tutor at Italki.com

There’s nothing like learning a new language to stretch your creative muscles. So I am completely obsessed with this website/app. Think of it as a cross between eBay and ‘Tinder for language tutors’.

I’ve wanted to learn Indonesian for a long time. So my friend Elaine told me about how she uses italki.com to book her Italian language tutors. It took me months to finally check it out properly and, now that I have, I wish I did it sooner!

Language teachers from all over the world upload videos introducing themselves. You can watch and then swipe left if they don’t appeal to you.

If you think you might be interested in being tutored by them you can sign up for a trial lesson (for a small fee) – and then book ongoing lessons through the app if it works out for you. It’s super simple and easy to use. I’ve had four lessons in the last two weeks – and I’m absolutely loving it!

2. Here’s a type of artist you don’t normally think about!

I’m a word nerd. And I LOVE typography. So I devoured this show on typefaces on Netflix in Australia. Abstract: The Art of Design is a series that’s now in its second season. And one of the episodes in the second season features Jonathan Hoefler and his obsession with typeface design.

Apparently, he was drawn to typography thanks to the Gill Sans font on a box of custard! Chances are, every day you use or read at least one of the fonts Jonathan created.

Excellent viewing – and you won’t look at typefaces the same way again.

3. Vacation With An artist

Okay, I haven’t actually tried this one yet because it involves getting on a plane or two. But I literally daydream about it every single day – so it certainly provides a lot of creative inspiration!

I learnt about Vacations With An Artist from an artist I met at a gallery talk recently. She had been on two “vacations” – one in Spain, the other in India.

I’ve been coming back to this site ever since she told me about it. Imagine heading over to an exotic locale and having one-on-one mentorship with a craftsperson who lives and breathes their work – and is willing to impart their knowledge to you.

You can choose from woodblock printmakers to abstract art to bell crafting and everything in between. I know! You’re welcome 🙂



From the studio

I’ve just released my first ever open edition print! From my Vintage Chinoiserie series, Discovery depicts the process of exploration we go through as we experience the creative process. This is a fine art print of an artwork where the multiple layers of the painting reveal that there is always more to a story than meets the eye. And if we take the time to delve beneath the surface, we will discover powerful pathways that will lead us to what we are truly meant to be creating.

This piece is available as a fine art archival OPEN EDITION PRINT. You’ll receive a museum quality print that will not fade, printed with archival inks. The prints are as vibrant and lush as the original and are printed on Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gsm. I personally sign each print.

Prints are available in 2 sizes. Please note that the sizes below include a small white border so that you can frame your new artwork immediately if you don’t want to use a matboard. These sizes fit into easy-to-find standard sized frames.


By Valerie Khoo

October 8th, 2019
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