Are you letting other people run your life?

Above: Fearless, artwork from the Vintage Chinoiserie series.

Recently, I ran a series of mentoring sessions for creatives who could book in to have a one-on-one chat with me. I told them they could ask me anything and expected that I would field questions about the creative process or specific creative techniques.

I was surprised to find that the majority of people wanted to talk about time management! More specifically, about how to find time to pursue your creative interests when you’re already juggling a packed schedule.

You’re being pulled into multiple directions: by family, your partner, kids, social obligations and so on. That’s means there’s no time left for you!

And I heard every excuse under the sun.

“I don’t want to have so many commitments in my diary but what can I do?”
Ummm, just say ‘no’ to some.

“But I feel obliged to go.”
Why? The key word here is “obliged”. If you’re not actually keen on being there, should you be spending your time on something you really love instead?

“I can’t say no. I don’t want to hurt their feelings.”
Hate to break it to you but, with 80 per cent of these invitations, they won’t miss you anyway.

I could go on. But I won’t.

If your diary is unmanageable, is it because you’re actually letting other people run it? Are you letting your diary be booked up with other people’s priorities – when it SHOULD be filled with the events and activities that are actually important to you. Activities that you love!

What you spend the most time on can either trap you – or liberate you. And when it comes to how you allocate those precious 24 hours in a day, the buck stops with you.

Are you unwittingly letting others run your life? Or are you creating an amazing existence where you can truly live to your fullest potential?


By Valerie Khoo

April 12th, 2019
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