The Enchanted Orchid cushion series – now available!

I’m sooooooo excited to launch my new collection of cushions from The Enchanted Orchid series. There’s nothing like a set of gorgeous cushions to provide just the right accent for a space. And I’ve designed these to bring a pop of colour to your home or office. 

They are created in bold colours and will bring a vibrant vibe to your sofa or bedroom – or anywhere you want to use them!

You can order them here.   

Buy one as a feature for an armchair, or multiples to really set a theme for your space.

Orchids can represent new beginnings, luxury and elegance. For me, they also evoke a sense of nostalgia because I grew up in a house full of orchids. My dad imported orchids from Singapore so every week our home was full of many species of orchids, freshly flown in to Sydney, before they were despatched all over Australia.

They are such simple flowers and yet they seemed so exotic and ethereal. I loved being surrounded by them. 

In this series of cushions, I wanted to create that sense of elegance and luxury, drawing from my vintage chinoiserie motifs. The result is the Enchanted Orchid series and I’m so thrilled to share them with you!

Add a new set of cushions to your home or office today! 


By Valerie Khoo

December 10th, 2019
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