Your genius is what comes naturally to you.

Your genius is what comes naturally to you.

It took me too long to understand this basic but profound tenet in life. And that’s because we’re unwittingly trained to resist this concept.

For so long I thought that I should all improve on the things that did NOT come naturally to me. So I packed my life with courses and books on subjects I didn’t know much about or wasn’t good at. If I needed to improve in a certain area, I’d invest time working on that weakness.

I was also driven by the idea that you should strive to learn new skills and improve on the things that haven’t come naturally to you. I did lots of courses and studied subjects I didn’t know much about, like complex tax laws. I even attempted to learn how to code an app. If there was an area of my life in which I could be doing better, then I spent time working on that.

Then I realised in a lightbulb moment: ‘Your genius is what comes naturally to you.’

I wondered why in the world I was spending SO much time on the things I was not naturally good at, and no time on activities I considered easy and fun. That’s when I decided to focus on the areas where I had a natural talent.

Life changed practically overnight. In a good way. While self-improvement is obviously important, it makes so much more sense to focus on your strengths. These days, I don’t read complicated tax legislation, I call my accountant. And I threw out my book on coding. Instead, pay developers to do it.

‘Your genius is what comes naturally to you’ is now one of my mantras. And it guides me to a path in life that’s infinitely more rewarding than the one I was on before.

I’m so passionate about this concept, I’ve created a FREE printable for you – in case you want a beautiful reminder on your wall that your genius is already inside of you, just waiting to be unleashed – and waiting to bring you joy.

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In case you’d like a reminder of this, you can download your free printable here and frame or stick it on your wall.

By Valerie Khoo

August 7th, 2020
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