Dragonfly Dreaming 2-pack Creative Journals

Get a boost of inspiration every day with these Creative Journals featuring my Vintage Chinoiserie artwork on the cover. 

Daily inspiration

I’ve personally designed these journals to be a joy to use. I use them every day! Every journal comes with a different inspirational quote featured at the bottom of every page (see video below). So if you ever need a quick dose of motivation, just open your journal! 

Hopefully, the daily quote will also give you a pick-me-up if you need some creative juice for the day.

Easy to carry

I’ve also designed these journals to be easy to carry. I’m never without mine – because you never know when creative inspiration is going to hit! With 102 pages (plenty of room for your next novel, sketches, business idea, etc) the journals are a handy A5 size, designed to be lightweight so you simply don’t notice them in your bag.

The Dragonfly Dreaming 2-pack features artwork from Dragonfly Dreaming and Zen Meditation. Dragonfly Dreaming is about about the freedom you need to give yourself to dream, envision and create the life you truly desire. The layers represent complex factors that combine to compel us towards what we want in our heart – if only we allow ourselves to believe that it can all come true.

Zen Meditation is about the peacefulness we need in order to hear the voice of wisdom that is always within us. It’s a reminder to cultivate simplicity in a life that can be full of distraction. And that we should make time for ourselves so the clarity we seek emerges into a beautiful and tantalising vision.

The Dragonfly Dreaming 2-pack: $39.95 for the set of two notebooks.

Contact art@valeriekhoo.com to find out shipping costs if you’re outside Australia.

These creative journals are SOLD OUT

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