Momentum 2-pack Creative Journals

Get a boost of inspiration every day with these Creative Journals featuring my Flying Apostrophes artwork on the cover. 

Daily inspiration
I’ve personally designed these journals to be a joy to use. I use them every day! Every journal comes with a different inspirational quote featured at the bottom of every page (see video below). So if you ever need a quick dose of motivation, just open your journal! Hopefully, the daily quote will also give you a pick-me-up if you need some creative juice for the day.

Easy to carry
I’ve also designed these journals to be easy to carry. I’m never without mine – because you never know when creative inspiration is going to hit! With 102 pages (plenty of room for your next novel, sketches, business idea, etc) the journals are a handy A5 size, designed to be lightweight so you simply don’t notice them in your bag.

The Momentum 2-pack features artwork from Outlier and Two Sides.
Outlier is about the courage you need in order to follow what you’re really passionate about in spite of what other people expect from you. It’s about whatever it is that’s going to make you an outlier, whether that’s pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, doing your ‘10,000 hours’ or simply being brave enough to follow your dreams. In doing so, you may well face the unknown, but the adventure will definitely be worth it.

Two Sides. In convergence of ideas, decisions and intentions, it can seem like everything is going in the same direction. However, it’s also important to remember that there are always two sides (sometimes more) to any story!

The Momentum 2-pack:
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