Original artwork


Nostalgia is is about bringing the best of the past to infuse beauty into the present. With echoes of vintage chinoiserie, it is inspired by the stories that feature on Parisian dressing screens created in a unique block printing style with a modern twist. NOW available in canvas print! Nostalgia is available in museum quality...
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Gatsby in the Tropics

Gatsby in the Tropics is inspired by the glamour of yesteryear. Think gin and tonics on the verandah during balmy evening soirees, a piano tinkling in the background. Fringed sequinned dresses and dapper suits indulging in canapés and cocktails in the midst of tropical decadence. NOW available in canvas print! Gatsby in the Tropics is...
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Zen Meditation

Zen Meditation is about the peacefulness we need in order to hear the voice of wisdom that is always within us. It’s a reminder to cultivate simplicity in a life that can be full of distraction. And that we should make time for ourselves so the clarity we seek emerges into a beautiful and tantalising...
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Balance is the equilibrium we achieve when we nurture every part of our life. It’s about the flow we experience when we focus the right amount of time on our passions, our family – and ourselves.   Balance ORIGINAL artwork 57 x 40.5 x 5cm Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2077 $495 All enquiries and...
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Magnificence is about an appreciation of the beauty and opportunity that surrounds us. It’s that moment when you realise that you have everything you need – right now – to achieve everything you want.   Magnificence ORIGINAL artwork 57 x 40.5 x 5cm Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2073 $495 SOLD
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Harmony is about creating anenvironment where you can truly shine. It’s about finding the right support, mentors, cheerleaders and friends who will encourage you as you follow your dreams. It’s about casting aside the blocks that convince you that you’re not worthy – and nurturing the people who know that you are.   Harmony ORIGINAL artwork...
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Forge is about a singular obsession that helps us get to where we want to go. Whether that involves late nights or challenging situations, it’s about the determination to forge ahead in order to achieve our dreams.   Forge ORIGINAL artwork 37 x 27 x 2.5cm Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2072 $345 All enquiries...
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Feed your soul

Feed your soul is about prioritising the creative activities that are going to bring us fulfilment. It’s about setting aside the expectations of people and being honest about what really makes us happy.   Feed your soul ORIGINAL artwork 37 x 27 x 2.5cm Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2071 $345 SOLD
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The next step

The next step is about having the courage to strip away your protective armour so you can step into the next chapter of your life. It’s about being brave enough to leave behind what’s comfortable in order to seek the adventure of true fulfilment.   The next step ORIGINAL artwork 37 x 27 x 2.5cm Acrylic...
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Wonderment is about that sense of awe that comes over us when we finally see what’s really possible. It’s excitement, anticipation and, above all, hope for what the future has in store.   Wonderment ORIGINAL artwork 81 x 122 x 5 Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2078 $1195 All enquiries and to purchase contact: vinh@artshine.com.au
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Connection is about the bonds we make with the special people in our lives. It’s about letting our guard down, allowing people to support you and being vulnerable so you can share what’s really important to you.   Connection ORIGINAL artwork 50 x 50 x 5cm Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2069 $495 SOLD
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Dragonflies is about that moment of self-realisation when we finally know we’re more adaptable, resilient and powerful than we once thought. Dragonflies are versatile and can fly in any direction; they can also hover in a single spot. This piece is dedicated to stepping into your own power and understanding that you already have all...
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Solo Adventure

Solo Adventure is about the bliss of traversing into new terrain, driven only by your thoughts, agenda and curiosity. It’s about giving yourself freedom from obligations so that you can put your creativity first.   Solo Adventure ORIGINAL artwork 37 x 27 x 2.5cm Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2075 $345 SOLD
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Explore is about the anticipation and discovery that fills our lives when we give in to our creative curiosity and follow our passions.   Explore ORIGINAL artwork 37 x 27 x 2.5cm Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2074 $345 SOLD
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Songbird. This piece is about paying attention to the creative nudges inside us so that we can discover the hidden talents that bring us joy. It’s about giving ourselves permission to take risks and feed our creative souls.   Songbird ORIGINAL artwork 37 x 27 x 2.5cm Acrylic on artisan wood panel VC-W-0020-2067 $345 SOLD
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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is about the sanctuary we go to – even if it’s an intellectual experience as opposed to a physical one – where we are truly honest with ourselves. Where we can face our fears, our deep desires, and recognise we have dreams that may have yet to be realised – but which can...
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Metamorphorsis is about how we’re able to transform our lives when we give ourselves permission to indulge in our secret passions. Because it’s only when we remove the blocks we put in front of ourselves that we are finally able to discover what we’re truly called to do.   Metamorphorsis ORIGINAL artwork 57 x 40.5...
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Beyond the screen

Beyond the screen is about what lies beyond the facades we use in our lives. This piece is about emerging from whatever we’ve put in place to shield ourselves from the world – and the freedom we experience when we finallyembrace who we really are.   Beyond the screen ORIGINAL artwork 57 x 40.5 x...
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A flowering tale

A flowering tale has been painted on artisan wood panel as part of Valerie Khoo’s Eastern Luxe series. Inspired by vintage chinoiserie, it captures idyllic Gatsby-esque afternoons where the troubles of the world melt away and you can escape into a weekend of wonderment and play.     A flowering tale ORIGINAL artwork 61cm x 81cm....
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Summer Luxury

Summer Luxury has been painted on artisan wood panel as part of Valerie Khoo’s Eastern Luxe series. Inspired by vintage chinoiserie, it is about the unfettered freedom you experience when you finally shed whatever has held you back in the past. It’s about the joy of discovery and the excitement that runs through you when...
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Valerie Khoo Artist Flying Apostrophes

Convergence – Original

Convergence is from the Flying Apostrophes series. It’s about the anticipation, trepidation and thrill you experience when you know that all your plans and ideas are finally coming together to create something special. It’s about that moment of understanding when you truly feel like all your hard work is going to pay off. And the...
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Valerie Khoo Art Divergent Flying Apostrophes

Divergent – Original

This piece is about taking a new path in life. It’s about moving away from the direction you expected to head and venturing into an unfamiliar – but exciting – new world. It’s about turning uncertainty into adventure, and having faith that you’ve chosen to go on a journey that’s destined to bring you joy....
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Valerie Khoo Artwork Simmer In Situ

Simmer – Original

Simmer is from the Flying Apostrophes series. It’s about the delectable period that precedes an experience you know will change your life. It’s about relishing those last few moments of familiarity and normality before your embark on an exciting new chapter. It’s about the simmering expectations you have when you’re in front of the door...
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Puff – Original

Puff is from the Flying Apostrophes series. It’s about that first wisp of inspiration that breezes by you, barely touching your psyche. But that little breath is still tantalising enough that you know it contains an idea, adventure or dream that you are destined to pursue. Acrylic on wood panel, framed in Tasmanian oak. Canvas...
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Valerie Khoo Artwork Kinship In Situ

Kinship – Original

Kinship is from the Flying Apostrophes series. This is about the affinity and connection you feel when you finally find like-minded souls. It embodies the authentic flow and exchange of ideas and experiences that feel so natural – and magical – that you want them to last forever. Acrylic on canvas. Canvas Size: 30 x...
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Emerald Society – Original

Emerald Society is from the Flying Apostrophes series. Sometimes, a touch of glamour is all you need to brighten your surroundings. This piece is about how we can create the reality of our own environment. We can choose a frugal existence or we can allow ourselves to enjoy the little things we know we truly deserve....
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Valerie Khoo Summer in the Hamptons

Summer in the Hamptons – Original and limited edition prints

This original artwork, Summer in the Hamptons, has been painted on artisan wood panel as part of the Vintage Chinoiserie series. Summer in the Hamptons is about an idyllic journey into a world of everyday luxury, beachside soirees and lazy afternoons sipping gin and tonics by the pool. It’s about escaping forever from the daily...
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Valerie Khoo Coterie In situ

Coterie – Original

The intention behind this piece is belonging. It’s about the creative tribes we need to seek out when following our own dreams. While it’s fine to go it alone, the reality is that when you really find your tribe, it’s the people around you who truly lift you higher. It’s about standing on the shoulders...
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Valerie Khoo Sisterhood In situ

Sisterhood – Original

The intention behind Sisterhood is the profound connection we have with the women in our lives. It’s about shared experiences, memories and bonds that last a lifetime. It’s about being able to be your raw, authentic self amidst women who will always support and lift you higher. Acrylic on canvas. Canvas Size: 30 x 30cm...
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Blue Pheasants – Original

This original artwork, Blue Pheasants, is a striking piece depicting two pheasants in the garden, comfortable in each other’s company while industriously going about their day. Blue Pheasants ORIGINAL artwork 115cm x 81cm. Acrylic on artisan wood panel. $1550 Free shipping in Australia Price includes GST BUY ORIGINAL
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