‘Beyond the Screen’:
a solo exhibition by artist and printmaker Valerie Khoo.

This exhibition features Valerie Khoo’s exploration of the screens that act as facades and shields in our lives. These screens can evoke a sense of mystery, or prevent the world from seeing who we really are.

The series looks at what is beyond those screens that protect us – and what it takes to break through so that you can really shine.

Thank you to everyone who visited and purchased from the exhibition held at Darling Square Bank and Artspace during March/April 2020!

For remaining artworks, you can view the online catalog here.

Valerie Khoo
Artist. Printmaker. Designer.

I’m an artist based in Sydney and combine my fine art practice with my passion for surface design. My collections each tell an inspiring story to help you connect with your creative soul. My work is inspired by my love of storytelling and belief that everyone has untapped creativity that’s waiting to shine.

I work with individuals and organisation on commissioned artworks and also create designs and patterns that are licensed for textiles, decor and products. From 2019 and 2020 I was the City of Sydney’s Curator of the Sydney Lunar Festival, an arts and culture festival that attracts almost 1.5 million people and is the third largest annual event in Sydney, after NYE fireworks and Vivid.


Interior Design. Licensing. Commissions.

Interior designers: I work with interior designers on bespoke art pieces created to suit your client’s tastes or decor.

Manufacturers/brands: Selected artwork can be licensed for surface design or merchandise. I also co-create images for specific projects.

Art lovers and collectors: If you’d like to commission a custom artwork, I create personalised pieces infused with your specific preferences.

Public art for City of Sydney

Valerie was commissioned to create a public art installation for the Sydney Lunar Festival exhibition. Her design of The Rooster was featured at Circular Quay, alongside sculptures by other Australian artists, and visited by almost 500,000 people.

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