Valerie Khoo
Artist. Writer.
Creative collaborator.

I’m a visual artist based in Sydney. My Vintage Chinoiserie series is known for evoking a sense of joy and positivity, with each one telling an inspiring story to help you connect with your creative soul. My other work includes my Flying Apostrophes series, inspired by my love of writing and belief that everyone has untapped creativity that’s waiting to shine.

I’m also the City of Sydney’s Curator of the Sydney Lunar Festival 2019 to 2020, an arts and culture festival that attracts over 1.4 million people and is the third largest annual event in Sydney, after NYE fireworks and Vivid.

Interior Design. Licensing. Commissions.

Interior designers: I work with interior designers on bespoke art pieces created to suit your client’s tastes or decor.

Manufacturers/brands: Selected artwork can be licensed for surface design or merchandise. I also co-create images for specific projects.

Art lovers and collectors: If you’d like to commission a custom artwork, I create personalised pieces infused with your specific preferences.

Latest news:

3 creative tools inspiring me right now

When I come across great tools/resources, I love sharing them in case you might find them useful, interesting or even game-changing. So here are my latest three! 1. Learn a new language with your own tutor at There’s nothing like learning a new language to stretch your creative muscles. So I am completely obsessed...
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