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About Valerie

Australian artist

I’m Valerie Khoo. I'm an artist who paints original large scale floral artwork. I capture flowers in their prime, when they are at their full potential, bursting with life and vibrancy.

I love the momentum in each of the petals and love to capture each bloom with all its curves and fullness, the energy of a flower that has unfolded and is now truly free to become what it was meant to be.

Ever since I was a child, I've been mesmerised by the beauty and power of flowers. My father imported flowers from all over the world and supplied many of the best florists in Sydney. My mother was the 'go to' person for floral art for weddings. So our home was always full of blooms and colour.

As an artist, I followed my creative curiosity into colour, form and design. I fell in love with paint – the magical alchemy of colour on colour. I became obsessed with exploding hues and beautiful florals captured on canvas.

All of this creative discovery was always underpinned by my great loves of literature, from the romantic poets – like Keats, Byron and Shelley – to the surrealist dream-like world of Lewis Carroll. I realised I felt completely at home when I combined my love of nature with my fascination with the extremes of scale. As a result, I love to paint the microcosms of nature at a macro size, creating images that are surprising and unpredictable.

It's my mission to infuse joy and enthusiasm into every artwork, bringing pleasure to me as I create it and, ultimately, to the person who becomes the custodian of the beautiful painting.

Surface pattern designer

In addition to painting original artwork, I am passionate about surface pattern design. So I create fabric collections and wallpaper collections like here and here that are sold around the world. My designs are also licensed for upholstery, greeting cards, wall art and a wide range of lifestyle products.

You can find some suppliers here:

Kennard & Kennard Fabrics
Koala Fabrics
QT Fabrics
Emily Ziz Style Studio
Calypso Greeting Cards