Always give in to your creative curiosity

Always give in to your creative curiosity

I’m a big believer in the idea that you should always give in to your creative curiosity. That means when you feel something that piques your interest, let yourself explore. If you find yourself with a creative itch, scratch it.

A lot of people will say that they don’t have the time to fit these “indulgences” into their busy lifestyles. Or that they need to prioritise their work/career/family over their own personal passions.

I would argue that allowing yourself to give in to your creative curiosity can lead to more positive experiences in your work/career/family life.

That’s because when you explore whatever it is that’s calling you, the result often has far-reaching effects. 

Often, when I’ve given in to my creative curiosity in one subject area, it’s provided me with fresh and innovative ideas in another area.

What are some examples? 

1. From gym class to new business strategy
My interest was piqued in the way a major gym chain was able to gain such a loyal clientele. I was fascinated by this and ended up doing every class for a week. I realise I went a bit overboard on this one – and my sore muscles weren’t happy about it! However, I learnt so much about how they nurtured such a loyal fan base and began implementing similar strategies in my own business (even though I don’t run a gym!).

2. Fan obsession leads to innovation
I recently came across a broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar, starring Tim Minchin as Judas in the London arena cast of this iconic musical. I was so impressed by his performance that I allowed myself to go down a rabbit hole exploring his various creative pursuits, mainly on YouTube. As a result of what I discovered, I ended up with ideas of a new podcast series that’s about to launch and innovative ways of distributing the broadcast.

3. Sunday afternoon musings turns into new career
A few years ago, I was driving around my neighbourhood when I noticed signs for an artists’ trail. This piqued my curiosity and I ended up visiting a number of artists’ studios that day. The result of this was profound. I met an artist who would then go on to mentor me and nurtured my creativity to the point where I realised I wanted to turn this into a career. 

4. From cute cat to new revenue stream

When my cat Rexy arrived in my life, I started a blog for him (I know. I’m THAT person.) As a result of what I learnt from running the blog, I devised a new way to deliver online courses for writers and creatives. Thus, a new revenue stream was born.

You’re curious for a reason

These are only a few examples. And some of them may seem a bit out of left field – and the point is that you just never know where inspiration will come from. You’re curious for a reason, even if you’re not sure what that reason is. If something is telling you to explore a particular topic more, do it. Chances are, something magical will happen as a result.

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