Commission: Raine & Horne office

Commission: Raine & Horne office

I was recently commissioned to create a triptych for the reception area of the new office of Raine & Horne in Lane Cove, Sydney. 

This image depicts the Lane Cove area, specifically Linley Point, Riverview, Longueville, Northwood and Greenwich.

As a former resident of Lane Cove for many years, this was a project that was close to my heart as I am familiar with all the areas depicted in the painting.

I also wanted to create a painting that would be meaningful to the proprietors of the business, one that would resonate with their own personal and business goals.

Although the area is surrounded by water, the blue is used to depict the land mass, while the metallic silver texture is represents the water.

The golden yellow circles represent the residents of the area, who will at some point be touched by the business. 

The lighter yellow represents the industry in the area and is a nod to the industrial origins of the region with its tanneries, timber yards and pottery factories. There are still pockets of industry in the suburb.

The light grey represents the services as Lane Cove is incredibly well serviced by schools, medical, hospital, council services, community groups, sporting groups and so on.

The dark grey represents the infrastructure such as the comprehensive bus network, freeway, tunnel and so on.

And the silver within the land mass is a nod to the fact that Silicon Gully is also in Lane Cove. Many of Australia’s tech companies were birthed in this area and, while most have now moved out of the region, their legacy remains.

It was a joy to research and develop this concept and I’m thrilled that the client loves it!

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