How to get clarity when all you can see is creative chaos

How to get clarity when all you can see is creative chaos

When you’re a creative, you might often crave clarity on your creative pursuits. For example:

  • What should I write next in my story?
  • Where should I focus my efforts?
  • What should I paint next?

The list is endless!

This is compounded by the fact that we’re often surrounded by creative chaos. This is a period of experimentation, whether that’s doodling, scribbling or simply writing whatever comes into our head, no matter how random.

Some people might label this procrastination. Others might say it’s play. Yet others may think it’s a complete waste of time, because we’re not getting down to the real work!

However, my belief is:

Creative chaos ultimately leads to creative clarity.

It’s that exact process of experimentation and “play” which leads to innovation or a breakthrough. And that applies whether you’re writing a novel, creating art or finding a new way to get to the moon.

Sure, some rare individuals may be able to create masterpieces, born of out ideas that appear – as if by magic – fully formed. And if that’s you: congratulations for being a unicorn!

Most of us have to go through the messy part of the creative journey where we doubt ourselves, think all our ideas are hopeless and are on the verge of trashing our manuscripts or burning our paintings.

If you’re experiencing the messy middle of creative chaos, please know:

  • This is normal
  • It’s worth it
  • You need to go through this to create magic
  • You WILL emerge at the other end
  • What you produce will SHINE!

The trouble is that too many people give up in the middle of the chaos. They give into the (false) idea that the mess will never turn into something great.

So be patient. Be persistent. And you will not only find clarity at the end of it all, you’ll find confidence in the process – and in your creativity.

Good luck!

See you in Sydney at Reed Gift Fair this weekend

I’ve been living a fairly hermit-like existence thanks to the events of the past year. But this week I’ll be out and about! My wonderful agents, Artshine Licensing, have a booth (K50) at Reed Gift Fair at the International Convention Centre in Sydney from Saturday 17 to Tuesday 20 April 2021. You can register to attend here.

They are representing many of my products including totes (like the one picture at the top of this blog post), quilts, beach towels, tea towels, ceramics, beach bags and makeup bags (both pictured below) and much more.

If you’re a retailer or ecommerce store, feel free to check it out. I’ll be making an artist appearance at:
2pm on Saturday 17 April 2021 and
2pm on Monday 19 April 2021.

See you there!

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