How to spark a new creative process

How to spark a new creative process

When I moved house recently, I was excited by the fact that I finally have a garden. I’ve only ever had small gardens in the past. And, in some places, my “garden” barely amounted to a pot plant or two. But no sooner did I move that I realised … I have no idea how to look after it!

Fortunately, my friend and podcast co-host, author Allison Tait, realised I needed a bit of help and bought me a subscription to Gardening Australia magazine (thanks Al!). So I’m embarking on a learning curve of pruning, potting and watering.

Garden and printmaking

One unexpected result has been how much inspiration I’m finding from the garden. And I’ve been incorporating this into my creative process by harvesting foliage from the garden (left), then using them in my printmaking (middle and right).

Eventually I’ll do hundreds of variations of these, some of which will then end in my pattern design collection for wallpapers, upholstery and so on. This phase is a great process of discovery, experimentation and exploration.

Because that’s where I am right now … I’m starting a new collection.

But does that mean that I’ve just finished a different collection? Well, actually yes! 

I must admit, I haven’t shared too much about it so far because it’s taken me a while to get it to a stage where I know it works as a cohesive whole – but, last week, I realised I’m finally there. It’s been inspired by the French Riviera and I’ll show it to you in the next newsletter - so stay tuned!


Speaking of Inspired Gardens … 30% off for you!

Clearly, I’ve always wanted an inspirational garden because I keep on painting and designing with this theme. In fact, my 2-pack of Creative Journals is called “Inspired Garden”!

These have been really popular but I’m having a sale of these journals to make way for new ideas that have been brewing behind the scenes. So you can get 30% off while stocks last (and free shipping within Australia) if you use the code: SAVE30.


Shop Creative Journals here.


Behind the scenes update: The She-Shed:

Last newsletter, I mentioned that I have a new ‘She-Shed’. There’s still so much to do in order to make it a nice creative space, but if you want a quick video tour, you can check out my Instagram reel on it here.



New artwork available: Luminous

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy in the studio with the coastal-inspired series of paintings that started when lockdown was announced. ‘Luminous’ is now available from Bluethumb Art Gallery. 'Luminous' is inspired by the feeling you get when decisions you've been grappling with finally make sense. The future is bright because it's as if a light has been turned on in the world, your path is illuminated and you have a clear destination ahead.

When you buy online from Bluethumb Art Gallery, they organise free shipping and insurance within Australia!

View Luminous here.

Or check out my full coastal series original art here.

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