I’m finally fulfilling a long-held dream

I’m finally fulfilling a long-held dream

Many years ago, when my little doggie Rambo was still around, I wanted to travel to various cities or towns with him in something like a campervan or RV because he always loved coming with me to new and interesting places! However, little Rambo passed on before I got around to it and I think wistfully about the fact that we could have done it if I only got my act into gear.

Last month, I decided to finally make that happen – but this time with my cat Rocky (pictured below). I packed us up in a van – complete with stove, oven, loo, bed and everything you would need – and went off on a few mini-adventures.

While we didn’t cross the Nullarbor or get too ambitious, we did explore several beautiful beaches, waterways and other picturesque locations. It was very special because we bonded even more than before. In addition, I spent a lot of time in nature where I was able to give myself a creative boost and get inspiration for my artworks.

Too often, we put goals, dreams and ideas on to a mythical place that author Brian Tracy refers to as “Someday Isle”. As in: “Some day, I’ll go travelling with my cat.” “Some day, I’ll follow my passion.” “Some day, I’ll learn the guitar.” “Some day, I’ll do that course I’ve always wanted to do.”

Sadly, for many people, “some day” never comes.

Earlier this year, one of my dearest friends passed away and it hit home to me that life is short. What have you been putting off to “some day” when you could be doing it now?


In other news … here’s what I’ve been doing:

Watching: Top Gun Maverick. If you’re a child of the Eighties – as I am – chances are you watched the original Top Gun during your formative years. The filmmakers could have got this wrong. But, frankly, they got everything right. As cliched as it might seem, it just works. Go to Gold Class and treat yourself.

Reading: Reputation the latest thriller by Sarah Vaughan. I just finished a long Zoom call with Sarah where we spoke about this, her latest book, but also about her novel Anatomy of Scandal, which has now become a Netflix sensation starring Sienna Miller (need I say more), Michelle Dockery (from Downtown Abbey) and Rupert Friend (from Homeland). Look out for her on my podcast soon!

Trying to use: My remaining Dine & Discover vouchers. If you’re in NSW, you have until 30 June 2022 to use them!

Painting: Floral artworks like the Luscious Peony below! I have become a woman possessed. It’s like my creativity just unlocks when I’m painting flowers. The curves, the petals, the colours, I love everything about it! You can see more here.

Perplexed by: trying to get stains out of my Ceasarstone kitchen benchtops. Ugh. I don’t even know how the stains got there – well I do, they are ugly rings from the bottoms of pans or bowls. I’ve now watched all the YouTube videos and read all the blog posts but nothing works. So if you have any tips, I will be eternally grateful!

Until next time, have a creative week!


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