Lots of changes and new possibilities

Lots of changes and new possibilities

This year seems to be a time for change. Lots of it. And one area where this is becoming the most apparent is in my artwork.

I’ve been creating artwork with an explosion of colour, energy and life. Particularly with large floral paintings – and I’ve been loving the process.

I spent most of last year – like most people – in lockdown. During that time, all I wanted to do was paint coastal-inspired artwork. Lots of water, beaches, shorelines, you get the idea. Canvases full of blue, turquoise, sand and an endless array of muted tones.

It was calming, meditative and peaceful. And I loved it.

But as soon as restrictions were lifted where I live, I immediately felt a different energy when I stepped into the studio.

First, I felt restless. (Well, I suppose that’s no surprise. I’m sure we all did!)
Second, I knew I needed a change.
Third, I began to spend more time in my garden and, every day, I discovered something new.

It wasn’t long before I began painting flowers – and I haven’t been able to stop!

Here are a couple of tulips (the red one above and the purple one below), both reaching to the light and opening up to new possibilities.

In other news … here’s what I’ve been doing:

Watching: SAS Australia. I know. You’re surprised. You didn’t think I’d be into this kind of show. Well, what can I say? For some reason, I am. If you’re also into it, you may be interested in the interview I did with one of the instructors, Ollie Ollerton, who also recently released a novel.

Re-Reading: Crimson Lake by Candice Fox. Because this fab crime thriller has now been made into a TV series called Troppo, which starts screening on the ABC this Sunday 27 February. I’ve managed to get a sneak peek of the show and it’s fantastic. 

Mourning: The passing of my beautiful friend Gina Milicia, one of Australia’s most sought after photographers and my co-host for the past seven years on our podcast ‘So you want to be a photographer’. I could literally write endlessly about how wonderful this woman was. But there are not enough words … The sound and vision in this video are a start on how I feel about Gina.

Adjusting: To life without Gina. It’s not easy. She loved beautiful tulips. And she was always so supportive and encouraging about whatever crazy goal I was pursuing at the time. Everyone should have a friend like Gina.

Loving: My cute little alarm clock. Most people have an alarm to wake up. However, if I didn’t have an alarm to go to sleep, I’d just keep on going. Fortunately, my little kitty Rocky has an inbuilt clock and, without fail, right on the dot at 3am … screams at me till I go to sleep. (Yes, I’m a night owl and am often painting into the wee hours!)


Until next time, have a creative week!

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