Podcast: Finding your inner genius

Podcast: Finding your inner genius

I have been interviewed on many podcasts over the years but this one is kind of special to me. Podcaster, author, ceramicist, board director (and wearer of many other hats) Michelle Cox is the voice and creative impetus behind The Wabi Sabi Series podcast

Michelle and I had not previously met before she asked me to be on her podcast and, during our chat, I was struck with how well considered her questions were and what a natural she is at interviewing and digging into the issues that would be interesting to listeners.

So, in the first instance, I really enjoyed the experience. Second, even though we had never met before, we ended up discovering that we know a lot of people in common, have both been to many of the same events and share similar experiences and interests.

Michelle is also co-founder of a wonderfully creative and successful makers’ studio, Atelier 9 Avalon. Over a coffee, Michelle mentioned that the studio was looking for an artist/painter to round out their cohort of makers. This was serendipitous as I had been looking for a studio to use outside of my home. So the podcast not only led to a lovely interview but also the new studio I now share in Avalon.

I hope you enjoy the interview which you can find here.

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