The future is beckoning

The future is beckoning

Above: 'The future is beckoning'

It’s so easy to steer off the path you’re meant to be on. I know I’m guilty of this all the time! For the most part, it’s because I’m distracted by Bright Shiny Objects, which often present themselves in the guise of seemingly great opportunities.

Sometimes, you’re so flattered when you’re asked to be involved in a certain project that you say yes before really considering whether this is the right choice for you.

Other times, you know it’s considered a plum gig. But the reality is that while it may be a plum gig for someone else, it may not actually serve your specific goals.

I recently painted ‘The future is beckoning’ (pictured above). This is inspired by the anticipation of the future, the realisation of dreams and the excitement that you're finally headed where you want to go.

The painting is underpinned by moody blues and deep grey hues accented with enticing gold marks that draw you into the scene. It's a reminder to keep your eyes on the horizon and to continue steadfastly in the direction of your dreams. It was painted after I made some major decisions to shape my future and I hope it serves as a constant reminder that you can choose and shape your own horizons too.

It’s now available through the online art gallery Bluethumb, who organise free shipping and insurance.

Also now available on Bluethumb …

Well, this was unexpected...

Well, blow me down when I saw this magazine cover from my alma mater, the University of Sydney’s School of Economics. I actually did this interview a while ago so I forgot about it. But earlier this week I opened my email and I was looking at myself!

It’s may not be the cover of Vogue, but I liked the fact that the uni wanted to show that you can study economics without having to become an economist or bean counter.

You can read the story here.

In the studio...

I’ve been busy in the studio just painting up a storm! When restrictions ease in Sydney, it will be great to see you there. I work out of the wonderful maker’s studio at Atelier 9 Avalon at Avalon Beach in Sydney.

Picture below is my artwork of Palm Beach from West Head hanging in the studio above the gorgeous handmade ceramics from Wabi Sabi Ceramics.

In other news … here’s what I’ve been doing:

Reading: Corporal Hitler’s Pistol by Tom Keneally

Loving: All the new flowers that have come out for Spring in my garden

Can’t wait to: Be able to go to a restaurant again!

Listening to: Business Wars podcast, where each series explores two corporate competitors that have gone head to head.

Trashy TV guilty pleasure: SAS Australia

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