The Rooster at Sydney Town Hall

The Rooster at Sydney Town Hall

 I’m honoured that my sculpture of The Rooster is gracing George Street, the City of Sydney’s main street in Sydney, right outside Sydney Town Hall.

This is part of this year’s Sydney Lunar Festival and you’ll be able to visit him from 29 January to 13 February 2022.



The auspicious location of The Rooster is particularly nostalgic for me. I’ve attended many significant events at Sydney Town Hall, both as an attendee and as an MC for many business-related events.

And when I was younger, in the days when there were no mobile phones, Town Hall was the ‘go to’ meeting place whenever you were catching up with friends in the city. “Meet you on the steps of Town Hall!”

So I’m thrilled that The Rooster now has pride of place right near those steps. I hope you enjoy interacting with him!

The Rooster made this first appearance in the City of Sydney outside the Sydney Opera House. You can check that out here.


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