Why giving in to your creative curiosity is good for you

Why giving in to your creative curiosity is good for you

A lot of people ask me how they can be more creative. And there are a whole lot of ideas and techniques that I can share on this one.

However, I didn’t always feel this way. In fact, I used to feel downright UN-creative! 

While I felt confident and competent that I was working in a creative field, I did not feel like I  had a surge of creativity inside me that was busting to get out.

It took me a few years to realise that I DID have that well of creativity – in fact, we all do – but I just wasn’t tapping into it. And that was such a waste!

I was getting by on being very competent at all the technical skills I needed to succeed. You know, I learnt the stuff I felt I needed to know and kept practising those skills until I mastered them (or came close anyway!). 

Sure, that kind of discipline is important. But it took me a long time to figure out that I also had to nurture my creative spirit to truly succeed. 

So what does that even mean?

At its core, I believe that means giving in to your creative curiosity in all aspects of your life – whether you’re pursuing a hobby, a business venture or are just going down a rabbit hole on a topic that piqued your interest.

It’s listening to that inner voice that says: “Oooh that’s interesting, I want to find out more!”

The trouble is that we often think it’s too indulgent to let ourselves do that. We convince ourselves we can do that after we graduate from that degree, or after the kids leave school, or when we achieve a certain target in our business.

While it’s true that late is better than never, the reality is that your life could be enriched a whole lot earlier if you just let yourself explore your creative curiosity. Now.


Because those urges are often linked to what we are truly passionate about. And, more often than not, they open us up to opportunities that we would never have come across otherwise.

Go on. Give in to YOUR creative curiosity.


(Pictured above:  Two Sides, artwork from the Flying Apostrophes series.)

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